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Here Are 7 Reasons Why This Maltese Organisation Could Be Your Next Job Move

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As we grow older, our dreams, wants, and aspirations tend to change and we find ourselves looking for something new in our lives. Something that helps us to break out of our usual routine. And sometimes, that comes in the form of a job move.

If you need a new challenge in life, you need to check out the MFSA, also known as the Malta Financial Services Authority. They’re looking for people to join their 350-person-strong work force, and are recruiting in a wide variety of sectors throughout the company.

Here are seven reasons why you really should consider MFSA for your next job move.

1. You can shape the economy of tomorrow

Working at MFSA, you’ll be designing and working on policies and initiatives that will define the financial services industry of tomorrow. Your input can truly make a difference on not only for those around you, but for generations to come too. You will also be dealing with a number of high profile companies through MFSA, some of which are renowned world-wide.

2. It’s a job that makes a difference to many

The Authority is responsible for regulating financial services – whether it be banking, insurance, pensions or investment services. These are products and services that affect the everyday life of most of us. Working in regulation, supervision and enforcement of these services implies a job which has an impact on the life of many.

3. It’s a young and vibrant community

The average age of the MFSA employees (over 350 of them) is 35. So you’ll be working with a young, vibrant team who is ready to accept new challenges and ideas. And if you’re older than them you’ll certainly be made to feel young at heart; a welcome addition to your work life.

4. An ever growing international community

While the majority of employees at MFSA are Maltese, the Authority welcomes experienced officials from various EU countries including Italy, Spain and Greece. This mix of culture ensures diversity at the workplace. The Authority is an equal opportunity employer, and truly values the importance of diversity in the workplace.

5. Work-life balance matters

The MFSA management tries to be extra considerate of the work-life balance needs of its employees. On Fridays they finish work at 2pm, while flexible hours give employees the opportunity to adjust their timetable according to their own daily needs.

6. The MFSA invests in your education and training

The MFSA is a strong supporter of further education, and supports all members of staff wishing to further their studies while working at the Authority. They do this by covering most of their expenses for self-development and allocating time for study. Besides, on average, every member of staff is given over 34 hours of training every year locally, and specialised training abroad. Employees are also given the opportunity for work experiences (placements) abroad with European entities such as the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt and with the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) in Paris.

7. Have fun while doing good

The MFSA boasts a highly committed social events committee, that takes care of organising both fun events all year round and also corporate responsibility activities ranging from clean ups to activities in aid of various charitable organisations.

There has never been a better time to join the MFSA

The Authority has just launched its ‘Vision 2021’ project, which promises exciting times ahead; 12 million euro for investment in technology, and a heavy focus on the people that make the Authority what it is.

They’ve got loads of vacancies, and you can check out the full list here. If you think you have what it takes to fill one of those roles you can apply by sending an email on [email protected],

Apply via [email protected]

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