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Here’s Where To Find Out Exactly How Much You Should Be Earning In Malta’s iGaming Industry

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With Malta now widely seen as a global home for iGaming, the industry is consistently at the forefront of the national debate, whether that’s the multitude of opportunities being offered to the Maltese workforce or questions surrounding the growing pains of success.

Attracting and retaining the best talent is now more critical than ever before. Companies are becoming increasingly generous and creative in the salaries and benefits packages they are offering to win talent from both local competitors and overseas.

Getting to truly know the ins and outs of the business, however, remains a challenge for everyday people, whether they work in the industry or not. That’s where Boston Link steps in.

An international recruitment company has once again published its annual Salary Survey, giving people the crucial insight into the wages and the growing trends for individual roles.

All of this seems even more important when companies are becoming increasingly focused on attracting and retaining the best talent on the island or beyond.

Here are some of the key findings that affect you:

1. There has been an 11% increase in salaries across the sector

And with salaries that extend into the €250,000 per year for executive level jobs, it really is an industry that pays.

2. The largest increases have been in Tech and Analytics roles

Unsurprisingly, this sector is still thriving, with significant growth also noted in salaries for mid-to-senior non C-level positions. “In our view, this shows companies’ willingness to hire or promote more junior, inexperienced talent into key areas and offer the relevant training and development,” Boston Link explained in their report.

3. The demand for high-quality industry expertise and leadership skills is high

And if there’s one number that shows this all too well, it’s those salaries.

4. Companies are willing to hire inexperienced talent and offer relevant training and development

A comforting thought for anyone who’s looking to join the industry with minimal experience, Boston Link arrived at this conclusion after noting a decrease in the lower banding for some specialist functions such as Compliance, Responsible Gaming and B2B Account Management.

5. Attracting top-level talent from abroad includes significant relocation and housing allowances

“There is still a general reluctance in the industry for executives to operate a ‘fly-in, fly-out’ basis,” the report reads.

Which is why it’s been found that companies looking to attract talent to Malta will often throw in other allowances to their deals… such as those covering relocation and housing.

6. Social marketing teams are growing

And it’s not just the teams that are expanding; specialised positions in these areas are also seeing higher salaries being offered.

Although the survey is primarily aimed at those already working in the industry it also gives questions to those looking to take their first steps into the world of gaming.

In fact, through the survey, Boston Link is able to provide a holistic review into what changes people can expect to see in the industry, with their predicted introductions of in-house baristas becoming a reality in 2018.

For more insight into Malta’s iGaming industry – and a look at how much you should be earning if you’re a part of it – check out the full survey here.

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