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If Malta Made It Into The Women’s World Cup This Would Be The Ultimate Dream Team

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We’re just a few days away from the final match of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019, and to be honest we’re feeling a little bit left out of the action. We do have our own women’s team, and they’re pretty bad ass, but unfortunately they won’t be playing this weekend.


Obviously, if we were to be competing in the World Cup, we’d send over these ladies to fly the white and red.

But if we had to build a women’s team from scratch, who would be on it?


Camilla Appelgren

Your average goalkeeper might make a name for themselves after saving their team from a miserable defeat. But alas, Cami Appelgren is definitely not average. Take a look at her Facebook page and scroll in awe as she almost singlehandedly saves Malta’s environment from complete destruction.


Quite some people are asking me:“Why should we have to cleanup after someone who litters!?”The answer? ?Well, let…

Posted by Cami Appelgren on Thursday, June 13, 2019




  1. Sarah Zerafa

Breakups, online backlash, K9-related incidents – you name it. It’s all happened to Sarah Zerafa, and nothing’s stopped her from retaining her title of Maltese Instagram Queen. So, needless to say, stopping a football from getting too close to the goalkeeper is child’s play for our Sosa.



  1. Yazmin Zammit Stevens

Two words: weight lifter.

There’s no way you’re getting past this wall-on-legs.



  1. Davinia

This singer-celebrity will take turns distracting you with her Amy Winehouse-esque voice and over-the-top qiegħ ta’ Tas-Sliema personality. Davinia’s basically the 21st century equivalent of a housewife throwing burning oil at the Turks during the Great Siege – you just know you wouldn’t want to run into her on the pitch.





  1. Ira Losco

Ira’s already basically Malta’s national singer – but she’s gone beyond that. Just look at her winning the nation’s admiration as a judge on The X Factor, advocate for LGBTIQ+ rights and campaign for righteous causes. Ira’s the embodiment of the term ‘jack-of-all-trades’ – just like any good midfielder should be.



Posted by Ira Losco on Thursday, May 30, 2019


  1. Claudette Buttigieg

Claudette might have done the single most unexpected U-turn in Maltese career history. From Eurovision hopeful and singer of one of the country’s most-loved songs to Deputy Speaker in Parliament, Claudette Desire Buttigieg is the reason why Hannah Montana coined the term ‘best of both worlds’. Compared to all this, bridging the gap between attack and midfield’s a piece-of-cake for her.


  1. Clare Agius

Licensed pilot, television producer, actress, national celebrity, wife, mother of 2 – you name it she’s done it. With this amount of experience, the face of Ilsien in-Nisa is basically a whole football team on her own, but just for the sake of giving others a chance, we’ll say she’s a ‘midfielder’.



  1. Alexandra Alden

Probably the most polarizing judge on the first season of X Factor Malta, the Maltese public established a love-hate relationship with Alex. Living in this grey area in the hearts of Maltese viewers, we thought we’d have Alex somewhere in the middle of the field.





  1. Moira Delia

Move over St Francis, the animals have just gotten themselves a new patron saint. For the island’s tiny size, Moria Delia sure has a big voice – and we all know she’d stop at nothing to achieve her goal (get it?) of making our four-legged friends’ lives that tiny bit better.



  1. Eileen Montesin

She’s everywhere. That new TV drama on NET? She’s probably the lead. Need a new blender from Top Choice? Eileen’s probably advertised it. Blink and you’ll probably miss her scoring a top corner banger from the other side of the pitch.



  1. Claire Agius Ordway

TV presenter turned fitness enthusiast, the second Ilsien in-Nisa member on our list is an icon for other mothers looking to take care of their bodies – and you know you need an inspriational woman like Claire Agius Ordway leading your team to the opponent’s net. With her extensive workout knowledge, Claire could also double as the team’s fitness instructor.


View this post on Instagram

No matter how positive and how well you can deal with challenges, sometimes you feel vulnerable and thoughts take over. We all have our coping mechanisms. I try to take it out while working out, but another thing which works for me is music. I don’t know how to sing and I never studied music but I still appreciate it a lot and am always trying to get to know about new artists. Summer is amazing because I try to explore new places, and listening to music makes it a whole new experience. I can clearly say that all my projects and ideas started off while listening to music. If you have some good artists/music to suggest please do? . . . . #serenity #challenges #malta #scenery #snacking #nestlefitness @nestlefitnessmalta #mytime #copingskills #copingmechanism #music #artists #music

A post shared by Claire Agius Ordway (@claireagiusordway) on


The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 Final is taking place on Sunday 7th July at 5pm at Stade de Lyon in France

With The Netherlands playing against The United States in an epic final match, you can have your say on who you think will be taking home the bacon. At the moment, the odds place The States as the favourite to win.

But what do you think? Place your bets over at yobetit.com for the chance to win big.


Tag a friend who will be watching the final this Sunday

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