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iGaming Has A Newcomer: Malta’s Latest Start-Up Is One To Keep An Eye Out For

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The end of summer means a whole lot of change for many people. For starters, we can stop pretending that we like the heat and actually enjoy going outside. But it also means buckling down and getting back to business and kicking into high-gear post-summer holidays.

It also means that some will be switching gears from ‘student’ to ’employee’ after graduating from 6th form, college or university.

If you’re in that category but are still looking for somewhere to work, you might want to check out Avento

An iGaming company that was founded back in 2015, and is located here in Malta. They’re currently looking to add around 100 people to their team, so if you think you’ve got what it takes to form part of this fast-growing company, here’s why you should consider applying for a job at Avento.

1. They provide some killer bonuses

Like a wellness bonus to keep you physically and mentally fit outside of the workplace. They also offer a travel bonus to make sure you get a well-deserved holiday, and a professional development bonus to make sure you’re always improving and learning.


2. You get to take leave on your birthday

Over and above the basic 30 days of leave, Avento offers some other great leave packages. You get a day off for your birthday, ten days of parental leave, and one day off if you do voluntary work.

3. They provide employees with health insurance

So you can make sure you’re always in tip-top shape and have all your heath checks in order, without worrying about the costs that come with it. Avento wants you to be on top of your work and your health.

4. Skill swaps and workshops are the order of the week, every week

They’re currently partnering with the iGaming Academy, offering industry expert lead training courses to all employees. They’re also planning ‘Influencer Mondays’, where leaders within the industry will come to talk to employees. They also do skill swaps with individuals from other industries, so everyone can boost each other in the workplace.

5. Avento focuses on five core values that keeps the company going






These five values push not only the company, but the employees to reach their highest potentials. They also cultivate a company culture that encourages a fair environment, so everyone feels welcome and motivated.

Their working environment helps to provide employees with the skills to succeed in life and in work, allowing you to build a career at Avento and move on upwards.


Avento currently have vacancies open in several sectors of the company

Including IT and Infrastructure and Workplace Coordination. They’ve also got a vacancy for someone who is fluent in Swedish as the Customer Service Ambassador. These vacancies are all based at their new headquarters office over in Gżira, that’s recently been given a bit of a facelift.

Interested candidates will undergo a series of interviews and tasks to see if they are a good fit for the company. For a full list of vacancies and to apply click here, and here for a break down of the recruitment process.


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