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Is This Malta’s Most Heartfelt Valentine’s Day Video?

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Many people spend a good chunk of their lives looking for love. When and if they find it, it’s not often that they question it. They just consider themselves one of the lucky ones, and maybe secretly work on their contingency plan for just in case it goes to the stinker. 

Well, this new video from GO focuses on just that – stopping to ask questions and examine true love. They’ve gathered a set of couples, all at different stages of their relationship, to stop, and talk to each other about their shared love. 

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If you’re thinking “corny alert”, think again. This is a pure and genuine display of human emotion – tapping into the most sacred of all feelings: love. 

We dare even the hardest romantic-cynic not to feel teary when they listen to a couple – who have been together for 41 years and are adores AF – describe what their biggest fear is. We don’t want to give too much away, all we can say is – YAY love!

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The best bit is when all the couples are asked to look at each other in silence for four minutes. A mix of emotions ranges from awkward, cringe, and downright tear-jerking!

Word of advice – you might want to give your partner some context before you call them over demanding to be stared at…

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What’s the take-away?

That Valentine’s Day should be about genuine love. The video’s message is to remind people to really focus on their loved ones while they celebrate. Hard to argue with that!

Okay, we’re off to dry our eyes and get a hold of ourselves. 

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