It's Nearly Figolla Season, So We Held A Decorating Competition To See Who Was Almond Royalty

Which figolla will reign supreme?

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Easter is right around the corner, and for many Maltese people around the world, the season means one very awesome thing: figolla time!

Figolli are traditionally Maltese, tasty AF, and fun to both make and decorate - which is why the Lovin Malta team decided to hold an in-house figolla-decorating competition using some of our favourite dessert products.

We went head-to-head to see who could create the most beautiful figolla using awesome CiocoPasticceria products.

Luckily, the range of products was more than enough to cover the five very different personalities making their five very different figolli.

With everything from dark to milk to white chocolate, small drops to massive bars, as well as healthy options such as the sugarless range and fairtrade-friendly BIO range, CiocoPasticceria have all the cooking chocolate ingredients you need to get creative in the kitchen - or as a quick snack of course.

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The Lovin Team

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From left to right: Matthew, Kira, Rachel, Siane, and Johnathan

1. Mama Siane's Heart

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"This is a white chocolate, almond and cranberry heart. The idea behind my figolla is to elevate the wholesomeness of the star ingredient: 'The Almond' and compliment it with the sweetness of the white chocolate and the tartness of the cranberry. Adding balance with texture and flavour. Get in!"

2. Rachel's Playboy Bunny

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"My inspiration for the design of this figolla sprouted from the classic bunny figolli! I gave him a little bow-tie and shirt for a more dressed up look. His name is Hef, after Hugh Hefner. I made sure to use dark, milk and white chocolate because, why choose one when you can have them all!"

3. Kira's Krazy Kreation

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"I'm a chocoholic so I wanted the best of both worlds. To achieve this I combined both white and milk chocolate together to achieve marbled effect, which tasted pretty damn delish even if I do say so myself."

4. Matthew's Masterpiece

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"I'm not going to say it's because I felt the need to overachieve having seen everyone else's figolli already, but I used the chocolate as a fixing agent for my figolla, using milk- and dark-chocolate to affix dehydrated cranberries and coconut flesh respectively. The centre of the figolla was filled with dark chocolate and topped off with a few almonds in an effort to not utterly butcher traditional figolli design."

5. Johnathan's iFigolla

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"I went for a minimal design that was more about the journey than the destination. With a mixture of milk and white chocolate covered with almonds, those shiny balls of sugar for some sparkle, and a golden egg as the centrepiece, this is a figolla that's as tasty as it is pretty."

The figolli

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Beautiful, aren't they?

Which figolla was your favourite? Let us know in the poll below!

You can decorate your own figolla using some of our favourite products from CiocoPasticceria by ICAM

CiocoPasticceria BIO Cacao - organic and fairtrade, this great-tasting chocolate respects the environment and ensures the cacao farmers are treated fairly.

CiocoPasticceria Dark Drops - these little glorious drops are perfect to be grated into curls or sprinkles to be thrown all over your favourite figolla.

CiocoPasticceria White - as you can gather from our figolli above, we all love a bit of white chocolate. Cioco pasticceria's tasty treat was easy to work both as a decoration and binding agent - and just looks great on any figolla.

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