It's Official: Malta's Largest Ever Student Platform Has Now Been Opened Over 2.5 Million Times

In just seven days, the app was opened nearly a quarter of a million times


Not even two years old yet, FreeHour has been steadily rising in the national app ranks as the best way for students to manage their free time in between lectures.

Now, as a new semester kicks off, the chart-topping app has some impressive stats under its belt to close 2018 off in style.

Topping the Maltese download charts, FreeHour has officially become the country's largest student platform

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FreeHour has definitely taken things to the next level over the last month. During Freshers' Week alone, the app registered its highest ever usage, being opened over 220,000 times. Yes, that's over a quarter of a million times in just one week!This makes FreeHour the perfect platform to target Malta's youth

Beyond that, post-Freshers Week, FreeHour's user base of 15-25 year old Maltese students has grown by 40% and usage is at an all time high, with their adverts being viewed over 30,000 times every day, totalling up to 900,000+ advert views per month.

That's a 4X growth since their last scholastic year from every single institution on the islands!

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From banners to re-skins, there are multiple ways of putting your brand out there and straight into the hands of Malta's youth. And with a very long list of clients already under its belt, the student app is only going stronger with its slew of additions.

You can also throw in a couple of great offers thanks to FreeHour's latest update that includes a Student Offers section, but there are even more surprises in store.

For the first time ever, you can reach all students with branded and sponsored push notifications, making it even easier to bring your brand right at the fingertips of all of Malta's students.


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