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Seven Things Every Maltese Millennial Would Totally Tell Their Younger Selves

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They say you should live your life without regrets, but we all know that’s near impossible… especially if you’re a Maltese millennial. 

If you do fall into that particular age bracket, you’ve most definitely made some bad decisions you probably wish you could take back, whether it’s having one drink too many or not putting in the work for a test that meant way more than you thought it did before you decided to hit up Paceville. 

Whatever it is, we’ve all been there. And now that you’re all grown up, we can bet you’d love to go back in time and tell these seven things to your younger self.

1. Say yes to every opportunity that comes your way

It’s the most sound advice you could give your younger self, especially in Malta, which is brimming with new and exciting opportunities.

When you think about it, we definitely could have said yes more when we were younger; whether it was for internships, job offers, experiences, placements, holidays or relationships.


If we could go back, we’d tell our younger selves to carpe diem and say yes to every opportunity.

2. Watch your parents do the washing… and learn from it

Maltese millennials take this for granted and it can be a bit embarrassing when you’re a full-grown man or woman and can’t do your own washing. Personally, I would definitely tell my younger self to learn how to do the washing, especially considering how easy it is to do.

So take some time out of your (not so) busy day and watch your parents do the washing, even help them out a bit, and get those dirty clothes clean or else you’ll be making weekly trips to your parent’s place with a bag full of laundry!

3. Spend more time in the great outdoors!

When we were younger, it was all about GameBoy, PlayStation and Nintendo.

Unfortunately, it came at the expense of not spending enough time outdoors – and there’s even less of that to enjoy in Malta nowadays.

If I had to go back, I would definitely tell my younger self to put the GameBoy down and go kick a ball outside before you grow up and find yourself sitting behind a desk from 9am to 5pm!

4. Start saving ASAP!

As Maltese millennials, we have it pretty easy – life on the island is awesome, but that shouldn’t stop you from saving every penny when you can. It goes without saying that we all wish we started saving earlier and that’s especially true for Maltese millennials who are often pampered and spoiled by mummy until the day they leave home. 

And when that day comes, you definitely want to make sure you have enough money in your pockets to keep yourself afloat – guess it might be time to slow down on all that avocado and egg toast you keep spending your money on.

5. Learn how to cook one of your mum’s recipes

If there’s one thing Maltese millennials miss about home, it’s mum’s recipes. Whether it be fenek moqli, ross il-forn or kusksu, we all have a favourite meal that mum used to make once a week and that we’ll never be able to replicate.

For real though, from buying groceries to plating to making sure we know every ingredient and every technique needed to replicate that wholesome dish, we seriously need to go back and learn so much more.

6. Don’t take your grandparents for granted

As time goes on, those special moments with our grandparents become more and more precious. When we’re younger, we tend to take them for granted, but the older we get, the more we really wish that we spent more time with them.

At the end of the day, they have, and continue to do, so much for us – it’s only fair that we dedicate some quality time with them.

7. Invest in good life insurance

It’s probably one of the most important things you can do in your life and it’s super easy and quick to nail with IVALIFE

IVALIFE offers life insurance policies with millennials in mind, adopting a digital-first approach, whilst offering a range of life insurance and savings products tailored to your specific needs; whether it’s being offered to an individual or for a group.

You might think you’re too young for life insurance, but the reality of it is, you aren’t. In sorting out your life insurance, you are establishing a safety net for your loved ones, and with IVALIFE you can do just that with the push of a button.

All this is available online via the insurance company’s website.

In other words, potential clients will be able to get the information they need to make an informed decision, at the push of a button. The verification process is done through the app which means no waiting in line for customer care or waiting to receive a quote, a first for a Maltese company. IVALIFE is also offering a sum-assured calculator which will easily help you identify your protection value, based on your lifestyle, needs and dependents.

If you’re a millennial in your 30s, buying life insurance is probably one of the most practical, impactful and affordable things you can do to protect your loved ones.

IVALIFE’s strong technological foundation is the perfect gateway for millennials to sort out their life insurance once and for all.

It’s not something you’d normally think about, but now that you’re aware of what it is, and how easy it is to do it, you come to realise just how essential it is. 

By easily securing your life insurance with IVALIFE, you’re safeguarding the future of both yourself and your loved ones – and nothing is more important, especially during these precarious times.

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