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Luzzu Lotto On Jackpot.com Hosting A €5 Million Jackpot

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For the price of a ftira, you can be in the chance to win a whopping €5 million.

That’s right, there’s a seven-figure jackpot up for grabs over on Jackpot.com and this particular lottery hits close to home.

The Luzzu Lotto is gearing up for a grandiose finale happening next Monday, 26th October and someone from the Maltese islands has a good chance of winning.

Jackpot.com has our nights covered with this incredible seven-figure jackpot for the price of a ftira.

For those of you who just moved to Malta, that equates to €1.50 per lotto ticket purchased for the Luzzu Lotto.

For those of you who are inherently Maltese, and calculate the equity in other ways, that’s also the equivalent of buying five pastizzi or a Kinnie and packet of Twistees.

Just head over to Jackpot.com and sign into your account (or create one) and proceed to pick your six numbers from 1-50.

You’ll also need to pick a Joker Ball too which ranges from 1-5.

If you’re superstitious, you’ll already have your numbers picked out. But if you’re easygoing (and Maltese) you might prefer the “Quick-Pick” option which generates your numbers for you.

Once you’ve figured out your numbers, simply “Add to Cart” and you’ll purchase your ftira-equivalent of a Luzzu Lotto ticket.

And you’re now in the race to win €5 million!

For the starry-eyed out there, Jackpot.com also offers a subscription service which means you’ll automatically enter for each draw and never miss out.

That increases the odds of you becoming a millionaire quite significantly and it comes at the price of a six-pack of cisk (€4.99) a month!

And if you really want to be a millionaire, you can check out Jackpot.com’s 30 other lotteries, including the highly-touted EuroMillions.

In the meantime, pick out your numbers for the Luzzu Lotto and sit tight for the big announcement come 26th October.

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