Jobs In Malta That At Some Point We All Wish We Had

Whether it's financial allure or just cool-envy, these jobs have us contemplating a swift career move.

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Malta is known to be a haven of leisure. Our incredible weather and laid-back sense of fun is something that many a-foreigner has chosen to move here for. But that's not to say that we don't work damn hard. 

With young entrepreneurs sprouting new, innovative businesses, and bountiful work sectors opening up to our workforce there have never been more options open to us. And by extension, more reason to covet the ones we haven't chosen.

Here's some of the jobs/professions that have us craning our neck from looking over our shoulder:



Sure, they grow up on the edge of society, spend their adolescence pale and pimply from all the Twistees they've eaten during cramming marathons. But their job is more or less a guaranteed cash-machine – Mater Dei is a state-of-the art hospital, and even more investment is now being poured into the private medical sector.

Bottom line: societies always need doctors, and they get to actually help people in a non-obscure way. 

Envy factor: 6/10

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Okay, the fact that they probably work close to 80 hours a week is a downer. BUT – they're part of a massive food revolution on the islands and they're the guy/girl with the coolest job in their group of friends.

Clincher: you know they're going to score on the second date when they suggest a home-made meal at their place.

Envy Factor: 8/10

183685 The Sexiest Chef Alive


Well hands down they're the most artsy of all their friends but they still have a 'real' job. They get to take the cultural-high ground in every single social scenario, and can wear ridiculously tick-rimmed specs without anyone flinching. 

But let's face it, they spend all their time at the każin not because they're new-age villagers but because they're broke AF. Unless, of course, they're architect-developers...

Envy Factor: 7/10



Yes, they're all labelled as qżież and don't even make that much money after studying for eons (unless they become partner or start their own firm). 

But they get to wear super chic clothes and walk around Valletta like they fucking own it. 

Envy factor: 5/10

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They are the coolest kids on the rock – they've thrown stability to the wind to follow their dreams to build a business from scratch. And with the islands' growing shortage of property, investors in Malta are increasingly looking to new businesses to pour their money into.

Downside: they lie awake in sweats most nights fearing bankruptcy and full-blown mental exhaustion.

Envy factor: 6/10

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iGaming Agent

Terrific hours, great working conditions and perks, working with international standards, clients and systems. 

Okay so maybe they've spent a few years building up a different career which they promptly ditched when iGaming came their way, but with that salary – who can blame them?

Envy factor: 9/10