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Get A Taste Of Malta With This Collaboration That Doesn’t Suck 

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Kinnie is one of Malta’s most iconic brands and is synonymous with the Maltese identity. First launched in 1952, the soft drink is a staple of life in Malta and one of the most loved and recognisable Maltese products. 

In order to celebrate the drink’s heritage and importance to Maltese society, Kinnie has teamed up with Souvenirs That Don’t Suck to bring you the Kinnie Collection

The collection is a celebration of the drink’s legacy across multiple generations and includes a range of ridiculously cool souvenirs ranging from awesome T-shirts to exquisitely designed art prints. 

All items are available for purchase from Souvenirs That Don’t Suck, either through their website or their shops located in Sliema or Valletta.

Whether you’re a Kinnie fan or just a keen collector of local brand merchandise and memorabilia, you’re definitely going to want to browse through the collection. 

Kinnie’s history can be traced back to the period just after World War Two, when Malta started to see various different soft drinks brands imported to the country. 

The bitter orange-based drink was designed by Simonds Farsons Cisk as a competitor to these foreign brands. 

Despite being launched more than half a century ago, the drink’s unique bittersweet flavour has remained unchanged since it was first launched. 

Souvenirs That Don’t Suck is a trailblazing design studio that has taken it upon itself to create souvenirs that, actually, don’t really fit into the souvenir category by virtue of the fact that they are aesthetically beautiful and well designed, as well as functional. 

The collection’s items celebrate the way in which Kinnie’s branding has changed over the years since it was first launched. 

Besides the original Kinnie drink, the range has grown to include other products like Diet Kinnie, a sugar-free Kinnie alternative, and Kinnie Zest, with an enhanced orange flavour and no added sugar.

This year also saw Kinnie venture into the alcoholic aperitive segment through the launch of Kinnie Spritz.

The Kinnie-flavoured 4% light alcoholic aperitivo is perfect for enjoying on a hot summer day and is guaranteed to become your go-to choice when out for a drink with friends.

Whichever your prefered Kinnie drink is or even if you’re not its biggest fan, the impact it has had on Maltese society over the years is undeniable, so make sure you get your hands on some Kinnie merchandise to show your love for this truly Maltese delicacy.

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