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Maltese Esports Academy Has A Plan To Level Up Your Skills While In Lockdown

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If ever there was a time to delve into esports, this is surely it. Not only is it a fun way to get through these troubling times while stuck at home but, if channelled correctly, it can help you build a skillset for a pretty amazing career.

In fact, the World Health Organisation itself recently teamed up with some of the world’s largest gaming companies to promote #PlayApartTogether, a campaign which encourages video gaming during this period of physical distancing.

In Malta, this is not exactly new for the Central Region of Local Councils, which, in collaboration with engageSTREAM and other NGOs, was already offering its residents free courses at the Level Academy, Malta’s first facility dedicated solely to esports.

And with school out for the foreseeable future and uncertainty gripping the world, online courses and esports are the perfect opportunity for you to be productive, entertained and socially active, all while helping prevent the spread of COVID-19. Hitting four birds with one stone really.

“With schools shutting down till the next scholastic year at minimum, a possible lockdown developing, and places which include public gatherings now closed down, in reality, there is hardly anything more socially engaging to do than gaming. Why not develop new skills and connect with people while doing so?” Kevin Spiteri from Level Academy said.

Level Academy may have had to close down its Birkirkara facility for now but it is moving all its courses online and is launching Level Lockdown to offer a breathtaking educational experience.

Courses range from esports training and streaming basics to cybersecurity and responsible gaming, with more courses set to open in the near future, catering for all types of gaming platforms, from high-end PCs to mobile gaming.

A series of webinars, including on ethical and effective communication in esports and esports tournament operations, will also be unveiled in the near future.

And the great news is that the Central Region of Local Councils is now not only offering free courses to residents in the towns it represents but to everyone in Malta, with up to 100 people accepted per course.

It’s funding this initiative through the surplus generated over the years from traffic fines, a great example of social responsibility by offering free education in very relevant skills to the general public.

“We have a social responsibility, a constitutional opportunity and a moral obligation to help others” said Michael Fenech Adami.

You will learn that your hobby is not just a pastime but a key to a professional industry, which is only likely to get stronger in this age of physical distancing.

“If now isn’t the time to learn while gaming, when is?”

You will be educated on gaming strategies and techniques from fine-motor skills in Fortnite to tactical decision making in League of Legends, as well as public speaking and interview skills, crucial soft skills for any job, no doubt even in the upcoming ‘new normal’ everyone keeps talking about.

Level Academy will also teach you techniques related to responsible gaming so that you can excel at the games you love without letting your passion turn into an addiction.

Photo: Level Academy

Photo: Level Academy

Courses are delivered by experts in the field, so you will get to learn straight from the horse’s mouth. 

And after soaking up all this knowledge, you will be able to put your new skills into practice by competing in regular online tournaments, some of which are free-to-play and others which come against a small fee, with various prizes up for grabs.

Most local and global sporting events may have been postponed or cancelled but virtual tournaments are booming and indeed Level Academy is searching for collaborators in the form of sponsorships or other types of assistance.

It may not seem like it now but the COVID-19 storm will pass eventually and it makes so much sense to build up your skillsets during this period of isolation so that, when that moment comes, you’ll get to face the world as a stronger version of yourself.

Level Academy has a strict non-discrimination policy which means everyone is welcome to enrol.

And once again, it’s completely free, so you literally have nothing to lose by using your newfound spare time to plunge headfirst into the world of esports and finding out for yourself exactly why it has become so immense worldwide.

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