Looking For The Best Local Theatre On Offer This Weekend? Go For ŻiguŻajg

This awesome children's festival runs till Sunday!

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At the start of this month Malta's theatre heavy-weights had a Facebook show-down for the most tl;dr post/comments in history. The back-and-forth was about the nature and state of theatre in Malta – if it's an elitist niche, if art should be created for art's sake, and a string of other grandiose naval-gazing arguments that took about three days to read through etc. It's all good – passionate commenting is what we're all about

The most useful bit we took from it was that ŻiguŻajg – the children's theatre festival – is probably one of the best success stories of local theatre to date. Actor, writer and director Malcolm Galea said:

"I think that the ŻiguŻajg model is a very good local example. Apart from importing a lot of foreign productions, it commissions just as many local ones. [...] It's no coincidence that Malta's most exported plays are children's plays that were originally developed for ŻiguŻajg. If the Arts Council and/or Spazju Kreattiv (or anyone else for that matter) can create a similar model that will foster the mass development of new theatre in general, I think we'd be on to a winner."

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Well – good news. The ŻiguŻajg festival is on until Sunday and it promises to deliver on both quality and variety. 

ŻiguŻajg 2016 includes a series of world-renowned shows, along with re-adaptations of Maltese literature such as the 19th-century novel Ineż Farruġ, Anastasio Cuschieri’s poetry and Trevor Zahra’s stories. The 2016 programme has a strong multidisciplinary element to it – it's got contemporary circus acts, clowning, shadow puppetry, dance, film, theatre and visual arts. 

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In it's final couple of days, these are the performances you'll be able to catch this weekend if you're quick about booking tickets:

Il-Babaw by More or Less Theatre – a puppetry show taking place at Studio B, St. James Cavalier.
Home by ŻfinMalta;  a dance act taking place at City Theatre.
Hogwallops by LitCircus – Circus act at the Catholic Institute.
- Ineż kienet Perf(etta) by Studio 18 – Maltese theatre at St. James Cavalier.
Boy and the World – a Portuguese film showing at the St. James Cavalier cinema.
Sillu by Matthew Pandolfino – Street Art & Puppetry at St. George’s Square.

Enjoy the show(s)!

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For more info about this year's festival, or if you want to book tickets, have a look at the ŻiguŻajg brochure, or visit their Facebook page.

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