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WIN: Malta’s Makeup Mecca – A Trendy Temple For All Beauty Lovers Has Just Landed In Qormi

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It’s time to glam up and get prepped for the party circuit just as the pre-Christmas season hits. And, while any self-respecting Maltese will tell you that it’s always time to party on the island, there’s something magical in the air when December’s round the corner.

For starters, the Black Friday deals start coming in, and this year there is one store that looks ready to rule with a whopping 25% discount and enough glam makeup to turn up the heat a notch or three.

After all, it’s all about living our best life, and making sure everyone knows that we’re pimpin’ looks so killer they’re enough to turn a Jenner green. And, helping us bring out the fab, is Lucy Makeup Store, a brand new outlet that just opened its doors two weeks ago that will bring out the makeup fairy in you.

Get your Insta game on

This store is packing enough amazing products that we have legit dubbed it a makeup lover’s paradise. And this is why you’re about to be treated to the best Black Friday shopping spree ever by the makeup fairy.

Let’s start with the best part. Lucy Makeup Store is super conveniently located at Centerparc, the new Shopping Mall in Qormi, which means a dozen bus connections will drop you right on the doorstep.

No hassles, no time-wasting, you just get to the good stuff with zero effort. And if you’re using your own car, the parking’s a breeze thanks to the ginormous (free) parking area that’s located right within the complex.

Hey Good-Lookin’

So those are the practicalities out of the way. Now you’re there, what’s in it for you? Everything.

Starting with a shopping experience dripping in style. Lucy Makeup Store is the kind of store that you will simply enjoy hanging out in. For starters, it is seriously Instagrammable.

But seriously. I mean, the party literally starts there with a killer monochrome Black & White look and gorgeous green foliage, all the better to show off endless displays of all our favourite makeup brands.

Unsurprisingly, shots of the stunning interiors keep cropping up all over Insta and Facebook, as shoppers fast figure out that having Lucy Makeup store for a backdrop reels in the likes and follows like nothing else.


LUCY – Centerparc Opening Party 🎉🎈! Thank you all for showing so much love to our Brand♥️Centerparc

Posted by Lucy : Make up Store on Wednesday, November 13, 2019



By the way, when we say ‘all’ your favourite brands are here, we really mean all.

Lucy Makeup Store stocks an astounding range of 19 top market makeup brands so you can create any of your favourite looks in one store. Think of it as a one-stop-shop for makeup perfection. Close your eyes, think of your star makeup product, the one that makes your weekends come alive, and it’s there, right in front of you, on one of the display shelves at Lucy.

Every makeup lover has a range of favourite items, not necessarily from every brand. And this is what makes Lucy so amazingly convenient. The store gives you the freedom to stock up on ALL your star products under one roof – unlike other places, where you have to make do with one particular brand for all your makeup needs.

Instead, at Lucy Makeup Store, it is about you and what you need. The choice of products, tools and accessories is so big that you will be happy to spend your time browsing, experimenting with the different brands, colours and textures.

You’d think that this level of convenience and amazing products comes with a big price tag, right? Wrong.

The other super thing about Lucy is that the brands are all super affordable. With just €20, you can shop till you drop and get your hands on enough makeup products to create an entire look from scratch. And, what’s more, all the brands are well-known ones that you can trust. Lucy only stocks the best.

Saturday Sessions to Pimp your Look

Also, if you enjoy makeovers, getting pampered and upping your grooming game, do drop into Lucy on a Saturday to kickstart your weekend with a feel-good sesh. There will be all sorts of in-store services, from makeovers to eyebrow services, facial hair removal and anything else you need for that start factor to shine.

Oh, and by the way, Lucy Makeup Store loves anyone who loves makeup – whichever age and whichever gender you identify with.

Makeup is all about making people happy, and they want to make everyone happy. The expert team is also glad to dish out any advice needed, and are at hand with helpful tips about which looks and brands work best for which ages and styles. But most of all, they’re keen on helping you achieve the look that YOU feel is best for you.

We’ve been, we’ve judged and the verdict is out: Lucy Makeup Store is the answer to all our make up prayers, and – just like us – you’ll walk out of there dripping style. Meantime, we are told that the store has something super exciting (and super secret, so far) planned for this Christmas, so keep an eye on this space and we’ll let you know when the big surprise is ready to launch!

WIN: Lucy Makeup Store is giving away a €25 voucher to two lucky readers! Tag a friend in the comments below and tell us why you’d love to win a new makeup stash from this store.

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