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7 Reasons Why Losing Weight In Malta Is So Hard

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Almost everyone craves to have a healthy physique to show off in summer. That means the winter months are usually spent figuring out ways to lose weight. The plan is simple, watch what you eat, count your calories and exercise. But, how easy are these steps truly? 

Come along as we take a look at the seven top reasons why it’s just so difficult to shed off the kilos on our sunny little island. 

1. Pastizzi

These crispy, golden, savoury treats are arguably the top reason why it’s just so hard to lose weight. They’re traditional, delicious, and cheap; all things which the Maltese love! But, these little pieces of heaven are found on every corner and have a calorie count that’s higher than Wiz Khalifa. 

2. Nanna’s cooking 

Maltese nannas usually express their love through their cooking. Everyone has been faced with a copious amount of food when visiting their nanna. Like, we understand that nanna just wants to feed us to keep us happy and to show that she cares for us, but her meals aren’t exactly diet-friendly… 

3. Our portion sizes 

What you eat is important, but controlling how much you eat is also quite crucial. The portion sizes in Malta look like they are fit to feed an army. Eating healthy is great, but moderation is truly key. Having a single chip won’t hurt, but eating three whole bags of chips might. 

4. Bread

Everyone loves the classic ħobż tal-malti. Almost every traditional Maltese dish is accompanied by some type of bread. After all, who needs a spoon for soup? Even if you’re eating imqarrun il-forn, you are sure to still find a bread basket front and centre on the table. 

5. Our sweet tooth 

As if the main meal isn’t enough, we always finish it off with something sweet. Sugar cravings are high at all times during the day, but especially after lunch (or dinner). There is no other way to properly end your meal if not with some mqaret or ħelwa tat-tork. 

6. Our social life

It’s Friday night and you and your friends are looking for something to do. The go-to event is usually going out to eat or meeting up for cocktails. Having a social life that is so centred around food doesn’t really help when you are trying to shed off some pounds. Can you imagine trying to eat keto whilst your friends are digging into a burger? 

7. The office culture 

Walking into the office should not pose any threats to your diet. That is until that one person rocks up with a box of chocolates and a whole bag of cookies which they brought back from their travels. Snacking on some cookies sounds great, but not very diet-friendly. 

So, what’s the solution?

All in all, they have one thing in common, it takes time to prepare healthy meals and count the calories too.

Introducing Fortify Meals, your go-to meal prep service. They offer you a total of six different meal plans to choose from or different meal packs you can acquire. 

Fortify Meal Plans 

Each dish’s ingredients are clearly identified in the nutritional information section on their website. What’s even better is the fact that you don’t need to count your macronutrients, as Fortify does that for you!

Regardless of what your health goals are, Fortify has a meal plan for you. Trying to eat a more balanced diet? Check out their balanced plan. And if you’re sick and tired of cooking and cleaning? The convenience plan is naturally, oh-so-convenient.

Usually, being vegetarian and well-organised go hand in hand, due to the lack of vegetarian options on the market. This is no more, thanks to Fortify’s dedicated vegetarian plan.

Plans can either be bought one week or four weeks and you get to have a look at what your menu looks like for the whole week before you commit to anything. 

You also have the option to pick how many days you wish to use this service. Your delivery dates will then depend on the number of days you have purchased, and if you choose to subscribe it becomes all the easier! Fortify offer a subscription system that minimizes any extra hassles. Once you join a plan, you can keep the meals coming without having to reorder your meals everytime. 

Fortify Meal Packs 

Don’t have time to cook but are not ready to commit to a fully-fledged meal plan just yet? Have a look at these meal packs. They have a Protein+ pack, a pescatarian pack, vegetarian pack, chef’s selection pack and a personalised meal pack which is basically a mix and match option of your favourite meals on offer. 

Packs can be bought in fours, sixes, eight’s or 12’s, with each pack having various meals for you to enjoy. You can find the full macro details of each meal under the Nutritional Information section.

Meal packs are essentially ready-made meals that you can enjoy for lunch or dinner. These packs are delivered freshly cooked, and ready to be eaten. The packs are great because you can consume them within your own timeframe.

Group Deliveries

If you and your colleagues find it challenging to source a great healthy meal for you and your gang at the workplace, Fortify allows you to custom order a number of healthy meals, perfect for an office gathering thanks to their mix and match option. Instead of ordering a takeaway, you can now order for groups, and Fortify will deliver the meals directly to you!

What makes all of these meal packs even better is the fact that Fortify does the calorie counting for you. Find out more here

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