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WATCH: It’s GoTo’s Third Birthday, But This Gift Is For You

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Malta’s transportation system got a complete revamp three years ago. Long gone are the days where the only way to drive is if you can afford your own vehicle. With the introduction of GoTo, shared vehicles is now a thing.

Let’s take a look at who GoTo are and what drives them. 

GoTo is helping the island become more mobile by creating a shared space for users to get all of the wheels they need to move around safely. Landing in Malta back in 2018, this car-sharing service allows you to drive the island on your own terms, all from one app

Electric cars and mopeds can be taken out for a spin whenever you need a supporting set of wheels. With a total of three unique services, you are sure to find the ride for you. Pick between a one-way trip in a Renault Zoe, a round trip in a Toyota Yaris, or a faster ride with the Moped. 

We’ve all had those days which start off with an unexpected lie-in, leaving us with hardly any time to make our way into work. Hopping on a moped allows you to zip past morning traffic to get to that 9am meeting with time for a preparatory coffee.

Errands are annoying, and a terrible way to spend your entire Saturday, especially when half of that time is spent looking for parking. GoTo has special dedicated parking spots all around the island, and allows you to pause your trip whilst you quickly pop in to the shops.

If you’re more a free spirit, and would like a car with you for the whole day (or even for a few hours), a Roundtrip ride is the one for you. With no fuel or maintenance costs, and a super easy set up, your ride is just a few taps away.

Whatever you drive (or ride) for, GoTo’s got the wheels you need.

Ever since landing in Malta, GoTo have been an active member of the local community, regularly undertaking key initiatives aimed at leaving a positive impact. From helping Foodbank with meal deliveries, to donating Pink October branded vehicles to Red Cross, GoTo have left their mark.

GoTo has saved Malta from 5,000Kgs in CO2 emissions, aiding in making Malta’s air cleaner. Throughout the past 3 years, they’ve reached over 30,000 riders, thats 30,000 people who have subscribed and hit the road in one of their vehicles. Making Malta greener may be GoTo’s main goal, but you need to be the change. That’s why you’re getting a present for their birthday! 

New users get 30 free credits to use across all three services!

All you need to do is type in the promo code GOTOLOVIN30 in the second step of the registration process. You have from the 4th until the 21st of November to claim your present, so get downloading! Your credits will be divided in half and given over the course of two months. 

Existing members will also get a chance to win €100 free driving credit. 

All you have to do is make use of all three services throughout November. The winner will be chosen at random and contacted by one of their representatives.

Three years young and with a name across Malta, Israel, Spain, and now Germany, GoTo is really changing the way we travel. Fostering a community of ride-sharing is ultimately better for the environment and each individual’s wallet. GoTo has completely altered how we go about our daily commute. 

Tag a ride sharer! 

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