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Increased Focus And Self-Confidence: Just Two Reasons Why Your Kids Should Go To This Martial Arts Club In Pembroke

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There’s much more to the world of mixed martial arts than a couple of grapples and head kicks. As the name suggests, the practice of this sport is an art which means it requires a great deal of discipline, hard work and mental fortitude.

In return, it offers you a lifetime of opportunities and growth and there’s no better time to start than day one.

Kudo Malta offers the opportunity for your children to learn Japanese art and all the benefits that come with it.  Whether you’re drawn by its sweat-drenching exercises or self-discipline, committing your children to this world offers so many opportunities in others.

There’s much more to Kudo than you think…

1. It helps with concentration at school

If you succeed in Kudo, you’ll succeed in school. That’s because Kudo teaches the importance of listening and taking directions from those above you, necessary skills for the classroom environment.

2. Children will have a totally enlightened understanding of respect and humility

When your child commits to Kudo, they commit to a lifestyle of discipline and humility and will learn to treat everyone they meet with the utmost respect, no matter where they come from.

3. Kudo helps conquer anger and anxiety

Discovering your identity as a child can be difficult, leading to a lot of anger and anxiety throughout life’s journey. Thanks to Kudo, all woes come out on the mat and your child can return to everyday life clear-minded and focused knowing that they’ve had a healthy workout on the bags. 

4. It’s a great, fun workout

Children are balls of energy and there’s no better way to release all that then on the mat with their friends. With a dedicated gym where they can train and have fun, children will finish each session sweaty and with a smile on their face.

5. Your kid will make a ton of friends

With lessons being held in groups, children will be put in an environment where they’ll have to partner up and make friends, which is a great way to boost confidence and help with those socialising skills that are lacking in our tech-savvy society.

6. Train in a safe and controlled environment

Kudo is a combat sport that needs to be practiced and perfected in a safe environment and under the proper guidance of professionals. Kudo Malta offers a top-class gym designed with safety in mind so that you and your kid can perform to the best of your ability knowing that you’re in good hands.

7.  It teaches about anti-bullying

Kudo is far from an aggressive sport. Students are taught how to manage situations without the use of violence and ways to assess threats and redirect verbal assaults. That way they understand how to identify a bully and how to disarm them in a passive and non-confrontational manner.

Kudo Malta offers classes and facilities for young ones to learn and grow from the sport in so many ways that a seven-point list doesn’t do it justice.

Their training grounds in Melita, Pembroke have classes running from Monday to Friday from 3pm onwards and include sessions for kids as young as 3-years-old to teens and even adults.

and they can get their first class for free.

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Kudo Malta

Kudo is a comprehensive martial art and philosophy, in which both physical and mental development are of equal importance. Traditional Japanese etiquette ‘Reigi’ is strictly followed; such as the use of greeting rituals, wearing the traditional training ‘keikogi’ suit, and the names of the techniques always respectfully taught in Japanese.

The training of Kudo consists primarily of “kihon” or basic movements, general fitness building and combat.

Kudo is a mixed arts sport, comprising full contact punches, kicks, throws, and submission techniques on the ground. Kudo has its origins in Kakuto Karate (Combat Karate) but with less of a competition mindset. It is a life-long sport, a system of youth education, a method of self-defence and a great way to keep healthy for both kids and adults alike.

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