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VOTE: Have Your Say And Help Home Stray Cats In Malta

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Going for a stroll wouldn’t be complete without meeting some furry friends on the way. It’s no secret that Malta’s roads are absolutely filled with felines, these precious creatures have become such an important part of our culture that little pockets of the nation often come together to help them, and this story is no different. 

From feeding these fantastic friends to inadvertently capturing to take them to the vet when they’re sick – it seems that cats are widely cared about in Maltese culture, but there’s an awful lot of them who require even more care. 


Although Malta appears to love cats, there is still an issue with animal housing. Many animal lovers choose to take stray or disowned cats off the street and straight into their homes, but not everyone can afford to keep a pet for many reasons. 

But, giving stray cats a place to call home is a great way to start looking after our furry friends. 

That’s where Simprolit comes in. These construction whizzes have created a building block that can build both human and cat homes. They can construct any type of property really, but Simprolit are cat lovers, so they’ve teamed up with Mary, a woman from Mosta, to help her care for the cats in her area.

Meet Mary, the mother of Mosta’s cats. Mary takes care of feeding around 55 cats daily, making sure to also neuter as many strays around Mosta’s streets as she can. She also keeps track of their wellbeing, which enables her to help a cat when they aren’t feeling purrfect.  

If you wish to help her out, you can donate via Revolut or BOV Pay on 79302506. 

Despite doing all of this, Mosta’s street cats were still just that, street cats. Tom, Fluffy and all of their feline friends needed a place to call home. That’s when Simprolit got to work in constructing the most functional and stylish meowsonettes for these kitties. 

So far, three kitty homes have been constructed and installed in Mosta, with more a-purr-tments in the works. The primary round of Simprolit® Eco Homes to hit Malta’s streets have been named Mayflower, Lavender and Mary, all sporting classic ceramic house name plaques. 

When coming up with the homes’ aesthetic, Simprolit wanted to really play off of the colours and elements which are found in traditional Maltese culture. After all, our cats deserve to feel at home in their houses as much as we do. 

We know how connections are created between us and our street cats, and so do Simprolit. That’s why they want to hear from you. Do you always see the same cat when you’re walking to school? Or maybe you have a kitty cat you wave goodmorning to every morning before work? 

Now you can provide that pussycat with a safe space to rest. All you have to do is nominate your locality below. Simprolit will be building and installing these adorable cat homes based on your nominations! 

Give your local Garfield a place to call home and help make Malta’s streets safer for your local Puss in Boots.

These Simprolit® Eco Homes are lightweight, look adorable, and provide these little kitties with a warm, safe place to call home this winter, also providing a protective space to inhabit when the sweltering Maltese summer kicks in too! 

Tag someone who loves cats! 

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