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Maltese Students Offered Online Sessions To Further Studies In UK Universities

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Maltese students who wish to take that step further on their educational journeys have always looked towards the UK as a great option. Especially if they are interested in industries such as medicine, engineering and management. 

Now that the UK is no longer part of the EU, what does the process look like? 

Figuring out your future is hard as it is, and the British Council understands the logistics of studying in the UK. That’s why they have organised a series of workshops in which they provide guidance throughout the entire process. 

You can sign up for these informative sessions from their website. These sessions provide a clear view of the various courses they will be covering. The webinars cover how to apply, as well as provide a plethora of tips and tricks to make the transition as easy as possible.

These free workshops will be happening from the 4th to the 8th of October, so book your spot ASAP!

All you need to do is head over to the webinar schedule and pick which info session you would like to participate in. Applying is simple, just hover over which webinar you want to apply for, choose your preferred time slot, create an account, and submit.

You will then be sent an email with all of the details, together with a handy Google Calendar invite complete with the meeting link, so that there’s no way you’ll miss this important discussion. 

If you already know some of the basics, but you wish to speak to a particular university, you can also schedule a private meeting… 

To make your search even faster, you can filter your search by study programme and region. Universities involved range from Falmouth University to the University of Cambridge, and many others.

This is a great opportunity for prospective students to expand their network ahead of taking the leap and jetting off to the UK. If you’re worried there won’t be anything in your line of interest, the British Council caters to a humongous range of subjects, from the arts, accounting, and even zoology. 

The British Council will be hosting another Meet the Universities event earlier next year, from the 14th to the 25th of February, in case you need more time to think. 

Check out all information on the sessions and meet your future lecturers via the Study UK portal. Everything you would possibly need to know before making a decision will be covered in one of their webinars.

If you still happen to have some questions, don’t be afraid to ask for additional information, they’re there to help you dive into the next chapter.

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