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Getting Hitched? Malta’s Getting Its First-Ever Virtual Wedding Fair This Month

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The COVID-19 pandemic might have ruined a whole lot of things but your wedding doesn’t have to be one of them.

Maltese company ‘Get Hitched’ have practically re-invented the whole wedding planning process with the introduction of the island’s first-ever virtual wedding fair.

As soon as the pandemic hit Malta’s shores, the team behind ‘Get Hitched’ got behind building a virtual wedding fair from scratch in a bid to help out all those couples who have had to postpone their wedding.

Postponing your wedding isn’t fun – and neither is finding new suppliers after your old ones got double booked.

And that’s where ‘Get Hitched’ comes into play. This company’s set on finding and booking new and perfectly-matched suppliers for all those stressed-out couples.

‘Get Hitched’ is equipped with hundreds of suppliers ready to cater for your every need, no matter how complex it might be. These range from Neriku Catering all the way to Sarah Young. Take a proper look, and you might find a couple of special offers you’d love to get your hands on.

Better yet, the booking process is as easy as pie.

1. Fill in your and your significant other’s personal details. These include your names, country of origin, wedding date, number of guests, budget, and the types of services you’re interested in.

2. Enter the specific details for the services you’d like to make use of – think on the lines of venue, event start time, allocated budget, and special requests.

3. Put down your email address and mobile phone details. These will be verified by the company so that your request can be forwarded to your matched suppliers.

4. Your request will then be matched with up to seven suppliers per requested category. Once you accept the request, the relevant suppliers will be able to view your ‘Get Hitched’ profile.

5. As soon as your profile is visible to suppliers, you will be able to book an online video call at with the supplier of your choice to discuss the details of your prospective booking.

These calls happen through a video call program custom built by the ‘Get Hitched’ team.

This video call technology makes isolated communication easier than ever.

Thanks to this incentive, neither party will have to install any specialised software on their computer, allowing for a smooth, direct, face-to-face communication.

The Get Hitched Wedding Fair will run for two whole days, on the 19th and 20th of June. Entrance is free of charge, making it easier than ever for couples and suppliers alike to get in touch with each other.

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