Malta's International Arts Festival Is Going All Out This Summer

The MIAF is gearing up for another great year

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With Valletta getting ever closer to becoming the European Capital of Culture next year, Malta's art events are set to go on overdrive. So with something like the Malta International Arts Festival, you just know it's going to be big. 

The festival is set to return for an impressive 12th edition this summer with two weeks' worth of music, visual arts, theatre, dance, opera, installations, films, community projects, interactive events, educational numbers, and literally anything you could ever imagine.

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Highlights include the residency with the contemporary classical music academy the London Sinfonietta, which will not only have workshops for Maltese composers, but also culminate in a performance of pieces from the beautiful artsy film Under the Skin. The incredible dance troupe Ultima Vez will also be reinterpreting the powerful and controversial 1999 In Spite of Wishing and Wanting, which is about primal desires and fear. Local talent will also be making various appearances, from The Big Band Brothers to Balzunetta Towers, a contemporary theatrical cabaret about Strada Stretta's naughtier sister. Of course, this barely scratches the surface, and a full list of what's on is available online.

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Various venues all over Malta's capital will be hosting the festival, from theatres to pjazzas. St. George's Square, for example, will see a free interactive sound installation which brings back memories of swings in Maltese parks (very aptly named BANDLI). Eight swings, all hooked up to different instruments, trigger music through movement, creating an impromptu musical performance which we can't wait to try out.

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"The aspiration is for Malta to become a destination on the world's cultural map," explained Dr. Michelle Castelletti, the MIAF Artistic Director, of the whole festival. "The vision is to achieve this by bringing art to the people. We are bringing what is happening in the world to Malta, but, importantly, we are nurturing talent and giving our young artists a platform."

"2017 is such an exciting, colourful kaleidoscope," Castelletti concluded.

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The Malta International Arts Festival is organised by Festival Malta within the Arts Council Malta in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, Culture and Local Government and Valletta 2018. It is and supported by MSV Life, Esplora Interactive Science Centre and the Malta EU Presidency 2017.

More information can be found on the festival's website.

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