With Thousands Expected Home For Christmas - Here's Some Of Malta's Warmest Welcomes

Because we all know there's no place like home!

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Every Maltese person has their own personal airport memory. From going on your first family trip to Euro Disney, to waving your parents goodbye as you stand for the first time ever on the escalators overlooking the departure lounge. That sense of excitement or even anxiety hits as soon as you exit that familiar last round-about to drive into the Malta International Airport entrance. 

But perhaps the most special airport moment is seeing the jubilant faces of your loved ones as they return from their travels. That first embrace as they emerge from the exit doors captures a feeling of joy like nothing else really can.

And that's just on a personal scale. The joy-factor is off the charts when it's a national 'welcome home'. Here’s a list of some of the most memorable homecoming moments that have provided the Maltese public with an overwhelming sense of love and national pride:

A proposal to end all proposals

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There's just something about returning home and being asked by the love of your life to spend your eternity with them, isn't there? This airport marriage proposal is a tear-jerker if there ever was one. #lovewins

Enter the Boy Band

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Italian pop trio Il Volo arrived in Malta to a swarm of screaming fans. The arrivals lounge was a buzz with pop-worship frenzy when the three yummy Italian singers, baritone Gianluca Ginoble, and two tenors, Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto, emerged. 

The Eurovision Welcome


Just look at that crowd!

The mother of all Maltese homecomings is Ira Losco’s triumphant return to a rock buzzing to the lyrics of 7th Wonder. Losco represented Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest in Tallinn in 2002, where she placed second Malta’s highest position in the contest at the time (a placement we're yet to beat!). 

Ira arrived to an actual sea of adoring fans that clamoured and crowded the entire Arrivals Lounge and outside areas of Malta International Airport.

and to add to the Eurovision love...

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We've long dreamt of seeing Malta win the Eurovision Song Contest, and while we may not have much luck at the main event, our young representatives are absolutely killing the game!

Destiny emerged victorious from the airport gates, greeted by a whole party of screaming family, friends and fans!!

A celebratory moment

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Cheering friends and family members gathered at the airport to greet the Special Olympics athletes after the 2016 Cyprus National Games. The words of advice and encouragement from the participants are super inspiring, whilst the love from the crowds just warms the heart. 

A dignified entrance

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You know you're a rock legend when you arrive in Malta, march decidedly straight to the toilet, and swiftly take a fan-selfie outside it. Only Liam Gallagher could make such a no-fuss-no-muss entrance look so cool. 

Look who's coming to town...

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All homecomings are magical, but a bearded man in a red suit has to take the prize for the most heart-warming. 

This scene from Father Christmas' arrival at the airport is like sugar and butterflies sprinkled on the heart. Makes you wish it could be Christmas everyday right?

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