Malta's Summer Prayers Have Finally Been Answered With This Epic Beach Deal

Don't waste another minute on beach-making decisions

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Ever since Malta's beach season officially opened, every person on the island has gone through the same beach-planning routine – without exception. It goes something like this...

Suggest group beach day to a bunch of friends, have an epically long WhatsApp debate about which beach everyone would be happy with, reach no consensus, give up and surrender to the inevitability of Netflix and your A/C. 

Well not anymore!

Now you can break this harsh and vicious cycle with a solution that will tick absolutely everyone's boxes. Say hello to possibly the best beach offer Malta has seen all summer: Ray's Lido Beach Combo Deal!

Ray's Lido – the gorgeous seaside hangout at Little Armier Bay – is offering beach-goers a perfect day at by the sea with a sun-bed, umbrella and even lunch and a drink, for the crazy lump-sum price of €14.50. And get this – if you want to upgrade to VIP status, it's just €2 extra. 

There's something for everyone

The best thing about this deal is that it's going to satisfy even the most vocal beach-haters. There's a sandy area for the frolicking swimmers, a concrete plinth for the pure tanning-junkies, a bar for the vampires who hate the rays, and of course – gorgeous Mediterranean waves for, well, everyone.

So if anyone on your WhatsApp chat objects, they need to go. Because it just doesn't get better than this.

Get on it!

All you need to do reserve to your spot is call Ray's Lido on +356 21520469 or +356 79520469. You can also head to their Facebook page for more info on this amazing offer.

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Wait, there's more...

If you tag two friends in the comments section on Facebook, then you both could be spending an idyllic day out at Ray’s Lido for free! It's so easy it's crazy. 

Now all you have to do is make sure your beach look is up to par and stock up on your sunblock. #Yassss