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WATCH: Which One Of These 4 Typical Lottery Players Are You?

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Ever wondered if there are other people who play like you? We have identified the four key types of lotto players. Check out the video or keep on reading to see which shoe perfectly fits you! 

1. The consistent one 

You thrive when you have a routine. Everyday you wake up at 7.45am, take a shower, brush your teeth, make your bed and leave the house at exactly 8.10am. Every. Morning. If you could park in the exact same spot everyday you would. Consistency is your best friend, so why would you even think about changing your lottery numbers? All of them have a special place in your heart (and routine) anyways. 

2. The optimistic one 

Nothing can go wrong in your universe. ‘Find the bright side’ is your own personal motto which you live and breathe by. The world around you is filled with rainbows and butterflies and virtually nothing can go wrong in your eyes. That’s why you leave your lotto numbers up to the universe. You exclusively use the quick pick option to pick your lottery numbers, whenever you remember to play. 

3. The last minute one 

You keep forgetting to play your numbers until the very last second. The draw happens at 7.45pm and you get your tickets two minutes before the draw closes, barely making it. I mean, you’d probably lose your head if it weren’t attached to your neck. You do everything in a rushed state of panic. This rush might cause other people stress but you like it. The panic keeps you on your toes. Plus, getting something done just before the closing time feels extraordinary. 

4. The pre-planner 

Every second of your life is mapped out. You have regularly scheduled bathroom breaks and you plan out your meals for an entire month. You have even created an excel sheet which lists all of your clothing items, itemised by colour obviously. If you do any of these then you are, without a doubt, a pre-planner. You probably have a colour coded list of all the lottery numbers you’ve ever played, highlighting which numbers won you some cash. 

No matter how you play, you should check out Maltco’s Superstar draw

Even if you’re a last minute player, you’ll breeze through these easy steps to play;

  1. Create an account at Maltco.com
  2. Head on over to the Superstar draw page
  3. Pick your 5 main numbers, from 1 – 35
  4. Pick your Superstar number, from 1 – 7 
  5. Press ‘Play Now’ 
  6. And you’re done!

The Superstar draw takes place every Friday at 7.45pm, and the transactions close 1 hour before the draw, so make sure that you place your bets before the draw closes. If you identify as a pre-planner, the Superstar draw has got your back. You have the option to pick a package which will ensure your entry into your chosen amount of future draws.  

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