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This Maltese Academy Is Empowering And Elevating Women In The Workforce With Scholarships

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It is said that we never stop learning in the school of life. However, sometimes it’s good to consult experts to polish your skills or knowledge gaps in today’s ever-changing world.

No matter where you are in your career, taking some time to learn something new or more in-depth is never a bad idea. Why not take the plunge back into education this year?

Invest in yourself with 21 Academy.

21 Academy, licensed by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority, offers bespoke, industry-specific and fully-accredited courses and workshops to help you thrive in your field.

They’ve got an array of short and long courses to meet the demands of today’s hectic work world: from payroll fundamentals, occupational psychology, business law and a course to “train the trainer” just to name a few.

For this year’s Women’s Day, 21 Academy is offering two women any one of their courses completely free. Awesome!


Here are just a few of their respected courses, which will be starting soon.

1. Business Law

Calling all business owners and anyone affiliated with running a business – this is an essential course. Six field experts will run through all the knowhow on legal aspects, within the Maltese context, of running a company, no matter the size.

It will cover everything on how to run a business within the parameters of the law, consumer law, data protection law and credit management too. It’s ideal for entrepreneurs, directors, managers, business students and lawyers looking to specialise in this field. You’ll need at least two A levels or two years of experience in the business to get in.

These are just a few of the courses you can attend as a winner of the scholarship.

Who should attend? The course is perfect for entrepreneurs, directors, managers, lawyers, and business and management students.

2. Train the Trainer

This is specifically designed to hone your communication skills and learn how to cater to your audience and learning environment. Participants will get the first-hand experience in training and delivery skills and will be asked to prepare and plan out training sessions with creativity and flair at the end of the course.

In other words, in 10 sessions, they’ll help you produce a memorable trainer. To get in, you’ll need two years of experience in your field. Plus, you can get 70% of your course refunded. Nice!

Who should attend?

Any person who wishes to or is engaged to train other persons, who aims to gain good grounding and hone on their delivery and teaching skills, or who wishes to improve on any similar skills already developed; employees who will be delivering in-house training to fellow colleagues.

Those who successfully complete this course may be eligible to deliver accredited training with 21 Academy in their respective fields.

3. Law and Compliance for company secretaries

This is a practical course to learn all the ins and outs of being a company secretary. It’s an immersive five-hour course, where participants learn about the duties of a secretary and the legal responsibilities of the role.

It’s a vital investment for those who are new to the role but also an ideal refresher for more seasoned secretaries to hone their skills.

4. Law and Compliance for Directors

Similar to the secretarial version, this short course is for company directors to learn everything there is to know about the role, legal duties and the risks that come with it.

Legal responsibilities vary according to different fields and business models, so getting insight from experts can only help you thrive in your role.

Newly-appointed directors as well as established ones will all benefit from the course.

5. Award in Payroll Fundamentals

This course developed by 21 Academy will give thorough knowledge of principles of payroll and related employment law and data privacy implications.

Participants will be trained on how to apply their knowledge in practice by being shown how to successfully adhere to payroll requirements under law. They will also find themselves adequately competent to recognise issues which may arise in any payroll process, how to tackle it, and what related legislation may apply or must otherwise be adhered to

Training will be provided through 10 lectures of 2.5 hours each, held online. The course will be interactive, where participants are free to ask questions, discuss and share ideas or experiences.

Who should attend? Administrative and Office employees, Human Resources & Payroll Professionals, Directors & Managers, Business Owners.

All you need to do to apply is visit 21 Academy and follow the application procedures.

The criteria are as follows.

1. Equity

21 Academy want to help those who could use a boost. If you’ve got financial woes, are a sole parent, have a medical condition, disability or anything that could be an extra hurdle to your success, Academy 21 wants to help with this scholarship.

2. Performance at interview

Your interview will help determine whether you’ll win the scholarship. All you have to do is show your passion and vision.

Education is truly priceless. Investing in yourself or your employees will not only benefit them but will have ripple effects for your company and those around them. Take a moment to learn something new and hone your skills this year.

The best part is 21 Academy will waiver all costs associated with the course chosen by the successful applicants. Successful applicants will be expected to sit for the chosen course within a year from being awarded the scholarship.

This means that 21 Academy is the perfect place to improve your education at practically zero cost. Make sure to reach out today!

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