Maltese Man Shocks Girlfriend With On-Air Proposal

He even managed to get her favourite song playing before

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A Maltese man proposed to his girlfriend this morning, but he definitely went that extra mile to be creative with it all, making his declaration as public as they get... on live radio!

Young Cleaven decided to enlist the help of Malta's radio bros, Oz & Jay from XFM's Big Breakfast Show, to help him pop the question to his girlfriend Cassie in style. It all started with the pair playing Fleetwood Mac's You Can Go Your Own Way during their Rock The Traffic segment. Of course, the wheels were already in motion even now, as this happens to be Cassie' favourite song.

"Actually, we'd like to especially dedicate that song to a very lovely young lady who should be on the way to work today," Oz started. Things instantly took a turn into the ohmygodthisisactuallyhappening with Oz saying, "You know what, Jay? I wanna speak to this Cassie. I'm just too curious."

At first, it sounded like being put on the spot was a little too overwhelming for Cassie, with her starting off with an "I'm a little shocked! I was just listening to my favourite song". After a couple of questions to get to know her better and break the ice, Oz and Jay went on to direct Cassie to find an envelope which was apparently hiding somewhere in her car.

The envelope, as she explained the blow-by-blow had "a green paper with lavenders on it", with a short but insanely cute question inside: "Will you always be my special rockstar?"

"This must be from Cleaven," said Oz, revealing the duo's involvement in the secret plan.

The proposal also had the option for Cassie to tick her answer, with two badass replies (including some profanity). A couple of seconds later, apologizing for putting her on the spot, Oz asked Cassie for her answer. "Can I think about it?" she joked, before resoundingly accepting. 

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