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This Maltese Real Estate Agency Will Turn Your House Around In 90 Days

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If there’s one thing worse than choosing your new home, it’s selling your old one. If you can’t seem to get your property sold, then you might not be doing it right. Get in touch with RE/MAX and ask about their new incentive, RE/MAX Exclusive.

RE/MAX Exclusive is just that; an exclusive service within the Maltese real estate agency which gives your property more prominence than others. At the end of the day, your property will make its way to the eyes of more prospective buyers, and RE/MAX promise to have it sold in 90 days!

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Getting your property listed as an exclusive is actually really easy, and it only comes with the condition of not having it listed with any other real estate agency. With such an efficient method, though, why would you even want that in the first place?!

Listing your property with RE/MAX Exclusive can be done in three very easy steps:

  • Get it valued
  • Get it on the market
  • Leave it up to RE/MAX (so yeah, essentially only two steps!)

In return, you’ll be getting the agency’s marketing tools, which are guaranteed to sell your property in the shortest time possible. 

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So what do you get with RE/MAX Exclusive?

Well, only the best of the best, of course!

First of all, you get your own personalised website. How many of your friends who have their home for sale have their own personalised website? Exactly.

Secondly, you’ll get 3D imagery for your property. RE/MAX reckon this alone increases the exposure of your property by up to 50 times. 

Oh, and you’ll also have your own full-colour brochure which RE/MAX will be giving to each prospective buyer who views your property.

Need more advertising? Well, how about optimising your property’s search ranking on the RE/MAX website and getting Facebook advertising, boosted it directly on their page? You know, that page with just under 40 thousand likes.

Of course, for all that, you’re not going to get standard photos taken. A staging expert will come round to clear clutter and set the right ambience for a professional photoshoot of your property. Because how else are you going to outshine your competition?

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RE/MAX Exclusive’s dedicated website doesn’t just go into detail of how and why their process is so effective. They’ve even got a handy section showcasing all the successfully-sold properties, some of which were sold in under 10 days

If you need your property sold quickly, this is the exact place to do so.

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