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The Show Does Go On: Manwel Dimech’s Unmissable Story Hits The Stage At Kordin

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Teatru Malta and FĊN are back, bigger and better than ever to celebrate on the country’s most beloved icons.

In its second major theatre production since the COVID-19 hit our shores, Teatru Malta is putting a spotlight on Manwel Dimech, a timeless rebel who played a significant part in Malta’s political and literary history. 

The performance, titled ‘Il-Qfil u l-Ħelsien Skont Manwel Dimech,’ will be shown from 26th November to 13th December. 

It’s a sight-specific musical theatre piece, interpreted through the eyes of the courageous activist who paved the road to liberation with knowledge, thought, and perseverance.

The story is directed and written by Victor Jacono, composed and musically directed by Kris Spiteri, and the impressive cast includes heavy-hitters like Joseph Zammit, Bettina Paris, Debbie Scerri, Mark Tonna, Edward Mercieca, Roger Tirazona, and Stephen Oliver.

A one-of-a-kind performance deserves a one-of-a-kind venue, and this riveting production will be staged at none other than the Old Navy Prison in Corradino, using a site-specific theatre. 

And the best part about it? It’s going to be a walk-through standing event! Talk about experiencing art, history, and culture as you’ve never done before.


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For those of you who didn’t know. Dimech is one of our country’s greatest heroes. Dimech was not only fearless; he was also a social reformer, a poet, a novelist, a philosopher, and a journalist, fighting to make Malta a better place for everyone.

He was born in humble beginnings in 1860, fighting his way through the prison system to educate himself and become a champion for the most vulnerable in the country.

Dimech was considered a very dangerous figure — he challenged political structures, encouraged women to fight for their rights, and roared for freedom and independence from our oppressors.

This moustachioed icon wanted education for the masses and a self-sufficient country, and he sure as hell tried his best to provide it for us. He faced prison and exile all for the Maltese cause, dying well before Malta became an independent country exactly 100 years ago. 

Now, this amazing piece of musical theatre will celebrate Dimech in a way he never was during his lifetime.


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To commemorate Dimech, Teatru Malta also commissioned local artist Twitch, where he created a mural of Dimech in the former Regina Hotel car park in Sliema.

Tickets for the show can be purchased by following this link.

See Dimech rise from the ashes of poverty and illiteracy before becoming the man we all love today. The only real prison is fear itself.

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When Sasha (formerly known as Sasha Tas-Sigar) is not busy writing about environmental injustice, she's probably fighting for women's rights. Follow her at @saaxhaa on Instagram, and send her anything related to the environment, art, and women's rights at [email protected]
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