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Marketing A Game In Today’s World: The Ins And Outs Of Malta’s SUPERSTAR

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When you look at the golden arches on your way home or the half-bitten apple on your mobile phone, you instantly recognise which brand that is… and that comes down to great marketing.

Just like when you read the word SUPERSTAR in Malta, you know it has to do with Maltco Lotteries grand jackpot prize in the millions and are ready to get involved and become, well… a super start!

If you know what I’m talking about, then the next person you’re about to meet is doing his job right!

The team behind Maltco Lotteries’ hottest jackpot has devised an effective and efficient marketing strategy to get the name out there – so that you can have an equal opportunity as anyone else to win that grand prize. But marketing in today’s world is much more than sticking a bunch of billboards around the island.

To find out more about the marketing success of SUPERSTAR, Lovin Malta spoke to David Anthony Gatt, Chief Commercial Officer at Maltco Lotteries.

1. When it comes down to it, why is SUPERSTAR such a popular game?

DAG: “The purpose behind this game was to provide a unique selling proposition that is not found in any other local lottery games. SUPERSTAR is the only game that provides a double matrix style of play in the Maltese market and is the only jackpot game that offers two different jackpots in two different winning categories, together with other multiple winning categories”.

2. What was the marketing strategy behind the SUPERSTAR brand?

DAG: “The objective of the game was to position it at the end of a working week, on a Friday, just before the weekend starts, so that anyone after work can take part in the fun, try their luck and start the weekend on a positive note.”

3. And what is the secret behind your marketing success?

DAG: “The most compelling, distinctive and credible thing our brand can do for our target consumer is spread emotion. Both adverts evoke emotion as one is featuring a young man who is caring and expresses his love to his mother by surprising her and the other is about young love and the dreams that young people have.”

“SUPERSTAR is all about positive vibes, making you think that everything is achievable if we work hard for it.”

4. What channels did you use to make SUPERSTAR a household name?

When the game was launched in 2018, SUPERSTAR was the main sponsor for ‘X Factor’. The show served as a big platform to advertise the game as it was followed by thousands of people from different age groups. Also, the value of the brand is associated with the same unique quality of X Factor – that to create a star!”

5. Finally, who benefits from the SUPERSTAR lottery?

“The Maltese consumer benefitted from a wider variety of lottery games with the aim to attract a larger audience and our employees benefited from an opportunity to widen their portfolios and grow in their career.”

“Having the largest retail network around the Maltese island, this game was very important as it offered our agents an alternative game for them to sell. Additionally, stakeholders and different entities benefited from the advantage of a new game as Maltco Lotteries contributes to different entities in Maltese society.”

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