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Globe-Trotting Tattoo Artist Opens His Ink Mecca Right Here In Malta

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In the heart of bustling Birkirkara lies a haven for art, culture and, most importantly, tattoos.

Massa Tattoo Social Club is located snuggly in the high street and stands out as a diamond in the rough with its unique decorum and reputable name that reflects owner Scotty Massa’s 10 plus years working in the industry.

Not only does Scotty have a plethora of experience as a tattoo artist but he has the exposure of generations of great tattooists after having travelled the world over in an attempt to soak in as much as he can before he settles down right here in Malta.

From New Jersey to Bologna, Scotty has spent the past few years honing his craft, resulting in what we see today, an accomplished artist with a niche for traditionalist tattoos but the ability to cover all areas of the art… and the end products are truly remarkable.


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Having created a name for himself both locally and abroad, Scotty has consolidated his experiences into one shop he calls home and that we call the mecca for tattoos – Massa Tattoo Social Club.

The one-of-a-kind tattoo club was built by Scotty, his father and a friend from the ground up in a do-or-die situation with each tile, wooden shelving and painted wall put together with blood, sweat and tears.


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And what it turned out to be is much more than just a tattoo parlour; it’s a social club experience.


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From the moment you walk into the second you sit down, the shop tells tales of Scotty’s travels, experiences and influences, with guests being treated to a cold refreshment and the chance to browse some merchandise, and the opportunity to play the piano, before being led into the booth at the back.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still in sight, Massa Tattoo Social Club has been decked front to back in precautionary measures; from perspex glass to hand sanitizer, but it didn’t take a pandemic to implement these measures. As part of the social club experience, Scotty made sure that health and safety were above and beyond what was required from the second he opened his doors in November.

What’s more impressive than the experience of being at Massa Tattoo Social Club are the tattoos themselves. Scotty’s unique mix of experience, exposure and passion make him a sought after tattoo artist in Malta who has the ability to do anything no matter the style or size.


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And in order to provide the best customer experience possible, Massa Tattoo Social Club is adding another world-renowned tattooist to its team all the way from the US…


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Experience and exposure are the most important qualities to look out for in a tattooist. Not only does Scotty and Ryan have both, but they’re actually backed up with degrees in fine arts and computer arts.

So whether you’re a tattoo novice or an inkhead, Massa Tattoo Social Club will guide you through your experience and translate your ideas into ink. In doing so, they have your best interests at heart and know how to communicate your feelings in the form of body art like no other.

Because longevity is key when it comes to getting a tattoo, and Massa Tattoo Social Club won’t commit unless they know that what you’re getting will retain its quality for years to come.


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While the club doesn’t offer walk-ins at the moment, Scotty and his team are gearing up towards that goal where clients will be able to choose from a catalogue of endless designs and getting tattooed right there on the spot.

Which means you too can walk away with one of the many recognisable designs from Massa Tattoo Social Club.

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a step back, Malta is once again allowed to flourish and we know there are hundreds of you out there dying to get a tattoo. And with the €100 government vouchers rolling in, you can expect to find a few of us booking an experience at the one and only Massa Tattoo Social Club.

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