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Channel Your Inner Investor: This Maltese Megastore’s Shares Are About To Be Up For Grabs

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Everyone’s favourite online shopping store is looking to expand. Megastore is about to get bigger and better, but there are a few things they need to do before they get there.

Megastore.com.mt is getting ready to sell 25% of its shares, and they’re looking for people who want to invest.

Megastore is an online shopping portal that stocks over 50,000 products

From make-up to light fixtures, sex toys to IKEA furniture, they’ve got everything… and new products are added every day! They ship products to all addresses in Malta and Gozo, and delivery for orders above €25 is free.

So you could basically have your favourite shampoo, an IKEA shelf and a 65-inch TV screen delivered straight to your door in one order.

Megastore is looking to expand, and to do that, they need to invest…

… so they’re selling 2,500 shares at €500 each.

That’s a whole 25% of the company that’s up for grabs. Funds collected from the sale of these shares will go towards the growth of megastore.com.mt; in the improvement of the online experience, warehouse storage and delivery systems, and the introduction of MegaBox lockers for parcel distribution.

They’re also aiming to reduce greenhouse gasses and become more environmentally friendly which they’ll do by optimising delivery systems.

They plan on having an Initial Public Offering in 2022, and if after three years you’re not happy with their performance, Megastore will buy back your shares for €700.

The shares aren’t on sale yet, but you can register now to be notified as soon as they are

Since only 25% is up for grabs, you don’t want to risk missing out on this opportunity.

So click here to register to be notified once a Megashare is available! All you have to do is input your email address and Megastore will let you know once the shares are available for purchase.

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