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€55 Off: Melita’s New AI Pods Offer Strong, Intelligent WiFi All Around Your Home

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Every home is hooked up to the internet; it’s the biggest asset we have in society today, particularly during these times of social distancing.

Everything we do, from watching movies to working to homeschooling, relies on being connected to the world wide web and let’s be honest, we’re paralyzed without it – even if we’re just heading upstairs to do the washing.

Luckily for Maltese households, Melita is now promising the best home internet experience around.

Introducing Melita’s StellarWiFi, the latest high-tech solution on the market, promising a strong and uninterrupted WiFi signal throughout your entire home, no matter how large it is or how thick the walls are.

That’s right; no longer will you have to position the modem in such an angle to reach your room better or move into the living room to preload a movie before heading into your one-bar bedroom.

This is what the Superpods look like

This is what the Superpods look like

It’s a deceptively simple process. Instead of connecting routers throughout your home or using WiFI boosters, all you need to do is plug one Superpod (that’s those grey hexagonal gizmos) into your modem and plug the others in strategic locations around your home.

The pods will then automatically detect each other and form a WiFi ‘mesh’ around your home, ensuring that, no matter where you are, your connection is as strong as though you were standing next to the physical modem.

What makes Melita’s StellarWiFi really stand out is the fact these pods are powered by Plume, an advanced software which makes use of artificial intelligence to ensure your connection is always as strong as possible.

For example, imagine your modem is in the kitchen attached to a Superpod, the second Superpod in the living room and the third one in your bedroom. If someone streams TV in the living room, the second SuperPod will use up a lot of bandwidth, which means connection in the bedroom will be slow if the SuperPod connects directly to it. 

However, Plume recognises the quickest way to route data, meaning in this case it will opt to skip the second SuperPod and connect to the first one attached to the modem.

Moreover, its cloud-based intelligence system learns your usage patterns, meaning if you tend to stream movies in the evening, it will pre-configure your system in advance in anticipation of this.

Be it gaming, streaming or video chatting, lag will no longer be a thing and we love it.

And Melita’s StellarWiFi isn’t just an assurance of uninterrupted Wifi; it’s a guarantee of stellar WiFi, which means it also comes with a range of new features.

You now have the ability to manage and control your WiFi settings from the comfort of your phone using a dedicated app that allows you to share WiFi with your guests with the tap of the finger. It also allows you to freeze WiFi too in case your kid has gone over their daily allowance of iPad time.

Strong Wi-FI has become more crucial than ever now that we’re all spending so much time at home and Melita is well aware of these new realities. 

They want to share their awesome new product with you, which is why they are exempting the usual StellarWifi setup fee of €55 to all Lovin Malta readers until 15th May.

That’s right; all Lovin Malta readers around the country will benefit from getting this technology all set up in their homes without having to pay a cent. All you need to do is apply for their service through this link before the 15th May. 

Monthly fees for StellarWiFi will still apply but they’re as cheap as chips and only cost €5 for a pair of pods. To put things into perspective, an old large farmhouse would require four pods, which would equate to €10 per month for uninterrupted WiFi.

So get it set up while it’s free!

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