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You Can Now Get A €10 Deposit Bonus In Malta Without Conditions

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There are many reasons why people choose to call Malta home. The good food, the favourable weather conditions and the fact that you can get €10 free with a simple sign up.

And that’s exactly what happens when you create an account with Meridianbet.

The betting company has some of the best sign up offers on the market this very minute, starting with a €10 bonus without conditions.

That literally means you get a whole €10 to spend for free by simply creating an account and getting yourself verified…

… which is the standard procedure for every account.

Except that this time, you can start playing without having to spend a single cent.

The €10 can only be used for sports betting which is great because sports is just starting to get back into action and there’s no better thrill than having some money on the line while your favourite team battles it out on the pitch.

In addition, bets must be placed with a minimum of five matches per ticker and a minimum odd of 2.0 per selection.

And the best part is, this bonus is available for everyone living in Malta… and not just the Maltese.

This No Deposit Bonus is a great way to start for any newbies out there and with everyone in Malta being allowed to benefit.

And if you lose, you still win because you wouldn’t have spent a cent in the first place anyway!

With nothing to lose, this is your opportunity to sign up and have a go with Meridianbet

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