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From Miami To LA: The NBA Final Is Around The Corner And Maltese Ballers Are Anxious To See Who Shows Up

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The stage is set for thrilling NBA conference finals with underdogs and dynasties coming together to battle it out in the most unconventional playoff season ever. 

And everyone is talking about the Miami Heat.

The underdogs of the competition have defied all odds and dribbled past every obstacle to make it to the Eastern Conference Finals, their first appearance in six years and since LeBron James left the team for his home turf.

Led by Jimmy Butler, the Heat have dunked on the likes of reigning MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks to get to where they are, and with undrafted agents shining through, it’s hard not to like them.

While the Heat enjoys some much deserved (and needed) downtime, the Boston Celtics and 2019 NBA champions Toronto Raptors will compete in game seven to decide who will make it through to the next round.

On the other side of the NBA conference lies a match-up that has yet to be decided. The LA Lakers have the upper hand on the Houston Rockets and with LeBron James sporting the purple and gold, it’s going to be a tough climb for Russell Westbrook, James Harden and the team.

But we’ll just have to wait and see when the two teams bash it out tonight…

Let’s not forget about the other LA hometown team, the Clippers, who have a stern defense in Patrick Beverly and a calculated offense with Kawhi Leonard.

The Denver Nuggets have also shined through with rising star Jamal Murray really standing out in this playoff series.

This year’s NBA final is proving to be more unconventional than ever. The Orlando bubble has tested the physical game as much as it has the mental and there’s no telling who will come out on top.

But there are some things you can predict, from triple-doubles to overs and unders… and that’s worth investing in.

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