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Malta Sports Fanatics Have Some Free Bets Lined Up For A Weekend Of Fun

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It’s a good time to be living in Malta if you’re a rabid sports fan, with juggernauts from all kinds of disciplines set to battle it out this weekend.

There’s a whole lot of sporting fun going down from the Premier League to the Rugby League. Warn your loved ones, this weekend is all about sports.

Even the Esports community has a lot to look forward to with competitions happening in Counter-Strike, League of Legends and more.

With a cold front on the horizon, nothing beats staying indoors, cozying up on your couch and spending a day watching your favourite teams go at it on the big screen.

For the sport-savvy out there, there’s a chance of winning this weekend.

Meridianbet, one of Malta’s leading betting companies, is spicing up your sports binge with a spicy offer that’s just too good to be true.

Last week, we introduced you to their casino deal, but now it’s time to get in on their equally-impressive sports welcome bonus.

There’s more to Malta than just pastizzi and Kinnie….

With Meridianbet there’s also a €10 bonus without any conditions (that means there’s no catch) for any new customer who signs up to the site using the promo code malta10.

With that €10 you can bet on whichever sports event you’d like, from football to DOTA and you’ll keep all your winnings too.

With so much going on, you might want to place more than one bet this weekend.

And Meridianbet has you covered for that too.

The betting company is offering another €10 for anyone who deposits within 24 hours of signing up… that’s unheard of. 

That’s a whole €20 on sports betting for you!

Meridianbet is always on your side, even on the weekends – don’t miss out on this great offer!

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