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Malta’s Sport Betting Season Starts Here With This Generous €10 Welcome Bonus

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It’s a new year which means there’s plenty of new opportunities out there.

The stock market is going crazy right now but the real money to be made is in the world of sports betting with a number of high stake leagues and games in the mix across all sporting fields. 

And for the Maltese sports enthusiast, there’s one place to start that journey…Meridianbet!


The local online gambling platform has a steal of a deal to kickstart your sports betting portfolio in 2021 with an exclusive welcome bonus for players in Malta. 

If you sign up now, you’ll get €10 to bet on whichever sporting event you want, whether it be football, cricket, tennis or squash. If you have a passion for it, then Meridianbet probably has a market for it!

The deal is made for those who are obsessed with sports which is why it can only be used on an accumulator with at least six matches with odds of 3.0 or higher. 

New bettors out there might be hesitant to get started but there’s no reason to doubt yourself with Meridianbet who are offering this promotion free of charge and with no strings attached.

That means you don’t have to deposit a single cent into your account to get going. Just sign up and verify yourself over at [email protected] and you’re good to go.

And the fun doesn’t stop there…

Meridianbet is a Maltese company and it’s always looking out for its own. To that end, the betting site always has great promotions and offers rolling periodically which makes it all the more fun to gamble with. 

With a €10 free bet for new customers, you know that Meridianbet will always be fighting your corner. 

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