Jaw-dropping Cocktails You Have To Try This Summer

I mean honestly, how can you say no?

Cocktails Cover

As temperatures continue to soar, nothing chills you quite like a nice cocktail. But why settle for the regular, simple drinks when you can have the works - smoke, explosions, foam, glow in the dark drinks, and even edible beverages. Yes, you read well, edible drinks (this is the future). Molecular Fusion serves up these spectacular drinks anywhere you need them! Here's the video to prove it:

If all that wasn't enough to convince you that these are Malta's coolest cocktails, then here are our seven favourite ones:

1. The Electric Daiquiri

This drink has the added fun of audience participation. You get to help make this cocktail by injecting fresh lime juice and transforming the average daiquiri into the one and only Electric Daiquiri; changing colour from dark purple to electric pink

2. The Sub-Zero Iceberg 

Anyone in need of a cool down?

3. The CosmoTea

A deconstructed cosmopolitan based cocktail, replacing cranberry juice with fruity herbal tea from Thailand

4. Tequila Sunrise

With added smoke, obviously!

Tequila Sunrise

5. Citrus Brulee

For when you're feeling a bit more sophisticated. 

Fire Molecular

6. Smoking Godfather

It may seem like a more mature choice, but good luck not squealing with excitement as you see the drink being made!

Smoking Godfather 1
Smoking Godfather 2

7. Can you guess the new cocktail?

Meet the man behind it all:

Eddie Bonello

Eddie Bonello's first foray into the world of Molecular Cocktails began with a Mojito sphere. As the cocktail bubble burst, and the flavours rushed into his mouth, he knew he'd found his calling. He turned his kitchen into a laboratory, and as he traveled, learnt and practiced more, Molecular Fusion was born. 

Since then they've also been flown to London by the Malta Tourism Authority to represent Malta at the Oyster Club at DSTRKT. 

So what are you waiting for? In the words of the main man himself: "Why not make your Regular... a Molecular? Once you've tried one of our drinks all others become, well... boring"