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Need A Babysitter In Malta? Here’s Six Ways To Make Sure They’re Right For The Job

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Picture this: You’re holding an important business meeting from your living room while trying to entertain two restless children. It’s no easy feat.

This year has ushered in a whole new era of life – we’ve been forced to integrate most facets of life to our living rooms. From endless zoom meetings, family dinners, tutoring our children – it’s all done on our dining tables.

Multi-tasking and being stuck to our children can be detrimental to our health, so it’s super important to take the time to complete your other tasks – be it running errands outside, spending quality time with your partner or taking some me time.

But who’ll mind the kids? How do you choose a babysitter/childminder?

Here are six essential points to help you chose one.

1. Have they been properly vetted?

If you’re looking to hire a babysitter, it’s essential to make sure they’ve been vetted. This means they should be able to produce a clean and current police conduct and prove they’re not on the sex offender list.

2. What are their standards?

OFSTED is the British Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. In a nutshell, it’s one of the strictest set of guidelines for working with minors in Europe. Your child deserves the best, so be sure to inform yourself about these guidelines.

3. Do they know what to do in case of emergency?

Are they trained in paediatric first aid? This question doesn’t need much of an explanation. You’re trusting your precious loved one(s) with a carer – knowing they can handle an emergency situation will put your mind at rest.

4. How will the childminder choose to spend their time with your child? 

After being vetted, let’s talk about the kind of time they’re spending with your child. Will they engage them with intellectually creative activities or will they just sit around and watch TV with them? It’s up to you to set the standard!

5. Do they actually enjoy spending time with your child?

This is an important but less obvious question. While some people could be a good fit for the job, it’s essential that they actually enjoy spending time with your children so that they’re comfortable and happy.

6. Will they be able to find a replacement if they cannot make it when you need them?

Lastly, reliability is a huge factor. What happens if they can’t make a day and you’ve got important errands lined up? Can they easily replace you?

It’s no easy task finding a babysitter that’s professional, a good fit for your family’s lifestyle and ticks all these boxes.

Luckily, childmindersmalta.com takes care of all the above for you.

Childmindersmalta.com is a group of babysitters who are trained in psychology and first aid. 

Most are psychology students or graduates with a special interest in specialising in working with kids – so you know your child is being cared for by a qualified caring person.

And of course, all their childminders have been vetted on the sex offenders list, and have a clean police conduct. Moreover, they receive regular supervision by professionals from the local therapy hub the Willingness Team.

In such supervisions, they discuss techniques on how to enhance your child’s intellectual and creative development. Professionals, such as educational psychologists, family therapists, and counsellors, provide regular training about the latest updates in the field. 

So, if you’re looking for a babysitter and don’t want to settle for a friend, be sure to browse their sleek, user-friendly website. You can browse the profiles of their employees and set up meetings until you find the right fit for your family. Awesome! 

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