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WATCH: Sliema’s New Coffee Boutique Is Bringing A Unique, Glam-Filled Experience To The Island’s Coffee-Lovers

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This is not a drill and we’re channelling all the George Clooney vibes at Lovin Malta. The first ever Nespresso boutique store has landed in Malta, right in the heart of Sliema at The Point, and we’re just living for it!

The glam, the style, the lusciousness and… All. The. Coffee. If there’s one thing the Lovin Malta team takes super-seriously, it’s our coffee. Just ask the poor sod who dares mess with us and our coffee-time.

Nespresso Boutique: A Coffee Lover's Haven

An all-new coffee experience has made its way to the heart of Tigné Point ☕️????

Posted by Lovin Malta on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

So yes, we appreciate that enjoying a great cup of coffee involves more than just hitting the ‘espresso’ button on the machine and downing the coffee.

For us, coffee is a ritual. Which is why we feel that Nespresso is our spirit animal. As is George Clooney, for that matter, but that’s an entirely different story.

Even the most casual of drop-ins at the new Sliema Boutique reveals that, with Nespresso, it is all about the experience. And what an experience it is!

Picture this: we walked in to be greeted by the wonderful sight of all the varieties of coffee on offer displayed right there, on the wall. And that’s just to get us in the zone.

Just to be clear, we’re talking 25 varieties of coffee. Do we have your attention?

There’s more. Add a number of limited-edition ranges that hit the market regularly. You know, just to keep things a bit lively, just in case the regular 25 are not enough for your coffee fix.

So, what’s the big deal? Well, when we said that getting coffee at the Nespresso Boutique is an entire experience, we weren’t kidding.

Once you’re there, take your time to meander around, learn about the different varieties of coffee and see whatever strikes your fancy.

Then – and this is the fun part – you get to sample them on-site in order to choose your favourite as well as discover new ones. Jeeves, hold my teaspoon!

Oh, and let’s not forget that when entering the boutique one will be greeted by and guided, by in-house coffee experts to help you find your perfect coffee match.

As is to be expected, the different flavours, aromas and origins of the Nespresso varieties are truly stunning. From the sharp, cheeky number that gets us out of bed in the morning to the full-bodied 11am pick-me-up and the coffee with a tinge of sweetness for later in the evening… you will surely find a coffee to suit your tastes, lifestyle and moods.

The team will take you on a coffee journey. Smelling the many different aromas and sampling the coffee on offer,  giving visitors of the boutique a unique and tailored experience unlike any other coffee hub on the island.

Of course, this is what you get when you leave your coffee needs in the hands of a true expert. The brand is synonymous with a superior coffee experience, a Nespresso moment that we are in love with. And we fully intend to indulge at any time of day.

Obviously, a big part of the experience is also thanks to the unique Nespresso machines – powerful, elegant, timeless and incredibly compact. The Nespresso machines fit into your daily life, seamlessly providing efficient delivery whenever you need it.

Who needs breakfast in bed when you can have piping hot, premium caffeine at the push of a button!

I mean, this is coffee eye-candy at its best. And, when you buy a Nespresso machine, you become an insta-member of one of the most exclusive coffee clubs.

Being a Nespresso Club Member brings with it many perks, such as being the first to know about the new coffee flavours along with an invite to taste them, so you can try the vast range of delectable flavours, receiving notifications about stock to remind you to place your order… In short, you’re treated like coffee royalty.

And finally, on to something that is very close to our hearts here at Lovin Malta – the environment. All Nespresso capsules are 100% recyclable, made using aluminium as opposed to plastic.

Moreover, each Nespresso client is then given a recycling bag that is collected by the Nespresso team or dropped off by the customer upon the next purchase.

This bag is then sent abroad to the Nespresso recycling plant, where recycled capsules are turned into a number of items such as bicycles, pens, Swiss army knives and more.

High five to the lovely people at Nespresso for making it possible to enjoy this wonderful coffee experience with zero guilt!

And if you cannot make it to the store, fret not, they’ve got you covered because you can order via Whatsapp on +356 79884448 or on Freephone +356 8007 4448. 

Even more good news, there are other places where you can get your Nespresso coffee fix! Check out the outlets in Notabile Road (Mriehel), Arkadia (Gozo), Centerparc (Qormi) which has just opened, and Pama Shopping Mall (Mosta) which has also opened recently!


Well yes, indeed, they deliver, within 24 hours, or within the same day of order, should you place your order before 9 am. Delivery comes free if your purchase is €50 or over. Not too shabby I’d say.

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