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Calling All Bosses! Transport Your Team And Clients In Malta With This New Cab App

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Instant taxi services are not a new concept to our islands. But with various cab companies competing, how do you stand out from the crowded scene? 

Introducing Noir.

If you’re leading a company, you want one, reliable service to make sure your clients and employees are treated the best so that you can handle the rest.

Bosses, leaders, CEOs, doers and shakers: say hello to your new, sleek cab company. Noir Malta may be new in town, but they’ve got over 150 years of experience in the London cab market, so you know you’re in good hands. Let them take you and those you need to go from A to B with that London black cab flair.

Here’s a lowdown on why you need Noir Taxi in your life.

Pre-book to make that stress melt away

Unpredictable traffic and time-sensitive appointments don’t go too well together. With Noir Malta’s pre-booking feature, you can let the fear of being late melt away. Avoid that last-minute risk and book as far in advance as your heart desires for large meetings and important client trips, ensuring your employees get to where they need to be or simply treating the office to lunch. 

And speaking of booking

The whole process is almost as smooth as their fleet of black cabs and smart drivers. Once you or your employees make a booking, you’ll be notified by text, followed by a message upon the driver’s arrival so you’ll know exactly when to leave. In other words, you’re able to gain maximum productivity and avoid unnecessary booking. 

Once you’re all booked, their drivers will pick you up and take you there faster than you can say Noir Malta backwards. You’ll also get to view the driver’s profile after booking.

They’ve got a whole fleet of sleek cars to choose from

Noir Malta takes the whole experience very seriously and knows that we want to impress when dealing with essential clients or important people in the business, so everything they encounter must be top-notch.

 You can also choose from comfort class vehicles, BMW executive cars, regular vans or executive vans or even a Classic London black taxi. In other words, they’ll take you there in whatever vehicle suits your needs that day.

But when you want to go that extra mile to impress, Noir Malta offers the possibility of an elite high-end fleet, along with a smart driver, of course.


Also, if you are looking to centralise your business’ trips…

Noir Malta allows you to build a plan tailored to your individual needs. Their terms are flexible and dealt with on an ad-hoc, case-by-case basis to create the fairest working relationship for all involved.

All data is captured within their system to make sure various cost breakdowns are easily analysed, whether that be by the individual user, a particular team or a certain day of the week.

In other words, their system can detail trips from start to finish with all data available including any stops made, duration of the trip and pick-up wait time and streamlines it all in one accessible place. 

Noir Malta can also apply limits to clients’ accounts based on location trip, volume or spend, so you’ve got total control on how your company makes use of the service. The future is here!

And this is where their business model stands out…

Noir Malta took on the London Black cab model because they know it works (and the four generations of black cab drivers in the founder’s family proves it!).

And really, at the end of the day, they know that drivers are central to that sought-after customer experience. All Noir Malta drivers are self-employed and are supported by the company to be the best they can be and are motivated as they retain most of the fares paid by the client. Just like in London, Noir’s black taxis pride themselves on supporting their drivers, that’s why they’ve stood the test of time for the last 150 years.

Whatever your business needs, Noir Malta is here for you. Whether it’s mass fleet bookings or bringing clients and employees to the places they need to be, these new guys on the block will prove they’re already on top of the competition.

Get in touch now on [email protected] or contact +356 99967602 to find out more.

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