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WIN: Guess The Drink Brands To Win €100 Worth Of Wines And Spirits In Malta

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All those late nights out at the pub can finally be put to good use, ‘cause today we’re going to be testing just how well you know your boozy beverages – and we’ve got one hell of a prize up for grabs!

The rules are simple. We’re going to be showing you pictures of some alcohols that One Hour Wines’ stock and sell, and all you have to do is guess their names; but there’s a catch.


The alcohols’ brand names have been erased, so it’s up to you to tap into your inner beverage-connoisseur!

Now, about that prize.

As soon as you partake in this quiz, you will be in the running to win €100 of store credit from One Hour Wines – easily one of Malta’s fastest drinks delivery service.

But enough talking – let’s get quizzing!

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This up-and-coming company hit the scene earlier this year, and to be honest, we don’t know how we would have made it through lockdown without them. These guys sell any drink you could ever think of – from gin and wine to ciders and mixers – as well as ice and a selection of snacks…and they vow to deliver in less than an hour!

With Malta-wide delivery and late opening hours, it’s pretty much always time for One Hour Wines.

So whether you urgently need a few bottles of wine for that dinner party you’re hosting or just a couple of bottles of tasty liquor to satisfy your nightcap craving – you know where to look.


Convenience is practically this company’s middle name.

One Hour Wines has two whole sections dedicated solely to chilled drinks and cocktail sets, and now we’re all kind of tempted to turn our kitchen into a makeshift bar. Cool, right?

How well did you fare? Let us know in the comment section

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