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WATCH: Give The Fastest Growing Sport A Shot At Padel Malta’s Pembroke Courts

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Would you like to try your hands at an intense racquet sport that is extremely easy to learn but devilishly tough to master, and which has often been described as one of the world’s fastest-growing sports?

Padel is taking Malta and the world by storm and if you’d like to give it a shot, you should know that the people who brought it to the island in the first place are now offering some juicy summer discounts.

The location of Padel Malta

The location of Padel Malta

Founded by Janika and Karl Wijkmark a few years ago, Padel Malta currently owns two state-of-the-art courts in Triq l-Imħallef William Harding, Pembroke.

That’s right off the main road which heads down to the former ITS site and St George’s Bay, part of the Pembroke Athleta sports club. Not only is it extremely central but ample parking is available, and the site is close to several bus stops.

Padel Malta is a perfect place for newbies to the sport to cut their teeth.

Their courts are open every day from 7am till 11pm and their professional staff are always on hand to explain the rules of the game to beginners. You don’t even need to worry about bringing your own racquets and padel balls as you can rent them out from the club itself.

And if you turn up between 11am and 5pm this summer, you will benefit from reduced prices – €20 for a 60-minute game and €30 for 90 minutes, and that’s split between 4 players. Not bad at all!

If you’ve heard about padel before, you’ll know it’s similar to tennis only the court is partly enclosed between four walls, it’s much easier to serve a ball, and is always played in doubles.

Padel! The Sport Taking The Island By Storm

Ever heard of Padel? It's the world's fastest-growing sport and everyone can give it a shot.

Posted by Lovin Malta on Friday, July 30, 2021

This makes padel an extremely social game, a perfect sport for team-building events, birthday parties or regular social gatherings.

Beyond that, Padel Malta is also a great place to meet and network with new like-minded people of all nationalities.

In fact, the club goes out of its way to promote a fun community spirit. Padel Malta’s app allows you to book a court for yourself and your friends at your own convenience, but also to match up with other padel players seeking partners.

The club organises social events every second Saturday night from 8pm till 11pm, where people of all different levels can meet up for a quick game of padel, a laugh and perhaps a drink afterwards. 

And if you feel like you’re getting the hang of the game, you’re going to want to put your new skills to the test at their monthly padel tournaments, where Malta’s best players get to battle it out for trophy prizes.

To top it all off, the Pembroke complex itself also includes shower facilities, a pool area and a restaurant – so you can treat yourself to a scrumptious meal and perhaps even a cold pint after sweating on the padel courts with your newfound friends.


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Chances are you will feel a smile form on your face as soon as you walk inside.

Everything really is all set for you to boost your fitness levels and learn a new, and increasingly popular, sport in the process this year.

All you need to do is pick up that padel racquet, keep your eye on the ball, and grab the opportunity.

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