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WIN: Here’s How You Can Get A Free AC To Battle Malta’s Brutal Summer

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Summer’s officially upon us – and you know what that means. Long days at the beach, smokey summer barbecues, and borderline boiling houses (we’re looking at you humidity).

If it was up to us, we’d all have our air conditioners on at full blast 24/7 to spare us from Malta’s scorching summers, ‘cause you know, we’d all be in a considerably better mood under some ice cold air. But we’re not all lucky enough to be blessed with an AC, and that sucks.

Lucky for you, your dreams of living through our blazing hot summer under a constant flow of cool air might come true thanks to the people at Panta.

Ready to get your hands on a free air conditioner? Read on!

Panta is offering one of our lucky readers a completely FREE air conditioner – installation’s on the house too.

This isn’t just any other AC either – it’s a 12k BTU Hisense. That means that it’s strong enough to cool down the average-sized bedroom, so it’s perfect to bring comfort to your abode.

The air-conditioning unit and installation are worth a whopping €575, but you can get it all for free. Here’s how:

Simply go to this article’s comment section and tag a friend, and just like that, you’re in the running to win this perfect prize.

Panta’s got yet another freebie to make your summer that little bit cooler.

This company’s offering all our readers a free assessment of existing air conditioners. All you need to do is write down your email address and phone number in the form below and bam, you’re one AC assessment richer.

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You might have noticed Panta looking sleeker than ever, and there’s a good reason behind that.

Having been in the building service industry for sixty whole years, Panta has made major strides in retaining the young, dynamic, and resilient image that it is synonymous with.

The company thus adopted a spanking new visual identity and website to better reflect the values that Panta stands for, and it sure as hell is working.

Panta’s new logo retained its hexagonal shape, helping customers associate it with the company’s legendary legacy. Its classic red colour can also be seen all over its visual elements, therein helping to create a holistic brand shared by all of its constituents.

Get in touch with Panta to learn more about how you can step up your summer – whilst potentially winning a free airconditioner.

Tag a friend to be in with the chance of winning a free air conditioner!

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