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Pay For Your Bus Ride Via Card, Smartphone Or Smartwatch Now That Contactless Payments Are In

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It’s shaping up to be the summer we’ve all been hoping for, and now with the added benefit of not having to worry about parking!

Leave your car at home this weekend and shop in peace by taking a hassle-free ride on one of the many public busses now offering contactless payments.

Malta Public Transport and Visa have made getting around the island so much easier with the launch of a contactless payment system across all of its 400 bus routes!

That means you can grab drinks with friends in Valletta and then head to the beach in Mellieħa without having to carry some extra change in your pocket… perfect!

The revolutionary technology that has become synonymous with public transportation systems across the world has finally arrived, with bus-goers now able to purchase their ticket with contactless cards, smartphones or smartwatches.

Thanks to the collaborative effort of Visa and Bank of Valletta, the Malta Public Transport’s new contactless system means you no longer have to queue in the sun or wait for change, just hop on and present your contactless payment and voila, you’re off on a journey.

With another driver behind the wheel, you’ll no longer need to worry about texting while you’re driving and missing out on those important emails. 

It really is a fast and simple adjustment to a seamless public transport experience and Malta Public Transport has ensured that the system is flawless. 

The new on-boarding ticketing system isn’t just convenient, it’s safe and hygienic too. 

With the implementation of contactless payments in public transport, consumers can eliminate the need to handle and exchange cash for their safety concerns.

“As cities across Europe start lifting Covid-19 restrictions, public transportation will be essential to ensure economic recovery,” said David Farrugia, Visa Malta Country Manager.

More importantly, by utilising public transport, you’re also emitting less exhaust out on the streets, inadvertently helping our environment (by a lot).

“We hope that the launch of contactless payments systems on the Malta Public Transport network will make the lives of everyone that uses contactless payments easier, simpler and safer,” Farrugia continued.

When it comes to contactless payment, security is key…

The Bank of Valletta, Malta Public Transport and Visa have worked together to ensure fast and secure transaction options designed for those who don’t have a Tallinja Card, effectively removing any barriers between you and your destination. 

“I am of the high conviction that commuters will quickly adapt to this fast and secure payment method, particularly in the current scenario where society is increasingly shunning away from the usage of cash as a means of payment,” said Kenneth Farrugia, Chief Retail Banking Officer at Bank of Valletta.

“We hope the launch of contactless payment systems on the Malta Public Transport network will make the lives of residents and tourists that use contactless payments easier, simpler and safer,” said Visa Malta Country Manager, David Farrugia.

With restrictions easing up, now’s the time to get out and explore – and what better way to do just that than with a contactless busy journey!

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