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Bugged Out? Here’s How To Tackle Pest Control Humanely In Malta

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Summer in Malta means two things: less clothing and more chances of spotting pests.

Whether it’s cockroaches or other little critters causing a nuance at home or at work, it’s good to know that there is a way to get rid of them in the most humane way possible.

If you’ve got a pest problem, let Malta’s Exterminator help.

The Exterminator is led by Arnold Sciberras, a household name in Malta, known for his fiery passion and expertise on all things insect-related. You may remember him as the man with one of the biggest cockroach collections in the world. 

Sciberras is also one of the island’s leading professional Pest Control Consultants, who can help solve any pest issues in your home, workplace or any agricultural and environmental situation.

What makes The Exterminator different?

Sciberras is a dedicated naturalist and works hard to preserve and protect Malta’s fauna and flora. This belief spills into the way he approaches pest issues, by using the most natural ingredients and solutions wherever possible. 

In other words, whatever pests you’re battling, The Exterminator will help find a solution that still respects nature.

This is what sets the Exterminator apart from other Pest Controllers. It means that chemical methods are only used when all other alternatives were tried and exhausted. Also, being led by an insects expert, known as an entomologist, means you can trust that the most robust scientific approaches are being used.

It’s perfect for anyone conscious about protecting Malta’s precious biodiversity.

What services are on offer?

The Exterminator offers bespoke services and can tackle any kind of pest control issue that arises, using products by Orkin, a renowned pest control company with over 100 years of experience. Here is an idea of what can be done for you.

Bedbug treatment: Get rid of bed bugs in infested bedding or seating or have it treated to prevent infestations in the first place.

Termite treatment: If it’s your furniture affected, the Exterminator can stop termites from damaging any wood or cellulose structure.

Woodworm treatment: Speaking of wood, their woodworm treatment will help prevent extensive damage to any wooden furnishings. 

Ants: It’s a common pest problem in Maltese homes and even certain offices. If left unresolved, ants can cause serious damage. 

Rodent control: Rodents like mice or rats can cause serious electrical damage and be a health risk for you and your family. If you do find some unwelcome critters, fret not and call up these professionals.

Cereal, crawling or flying insects: Say goodbye to unwanted guests in your food or garden.

Dust mite and allergen control: Get rid of the leading cause of allergies through intervention and prevention.

Bird proofing and accidental wildlife presence: The Exterminator services go beyond just insects. Whether you want to help prevent disease and damaged facades due to birds or need a wild animal removed, the Exterminator has got you covered.

No matter your pest needs, The Exterminator can help.

Through the extensive scientific work and research together with a decade of professional service, you know you’re in safe hands when the need for pest control arises.

With natural and man-made threats to Malta’s ecosystem as prevalent as ever, it’s never been as important to respect flora and fauna. But that doesn’t mean you have to disrespect nature to get rid of an insect infestation.

If this sounds like music to your ears, then get in touch. 

You can contact the Exterminator from Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 5:00pm in person, by email or by phone. Emergency calls are also taken on request. 

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