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This Naxxar Guitar Store Has An Epic Axe For Every Mother-Plucker Out There

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In the heart of Naxxar lies a guitar and bass haven equipped with axes from all generations, amplifiers from all eras, and surrounded by a comforting atmosphere that invites you to have a coffee and pluck a few strings while you fall in love with the instrument of your dreams. 

Play Vintage is equal parts a boutique guitar shop, music museum and social hang-out spot for six-string sommeliers, and it’s got an axe for every mother-plucker out there.

From true vintage to the latest models, Play Vintage has one of the most eclectic ranges of guitars that you will find on the island, hand-picked for display on its four walls by a pair of seasoned musicians who live and breathe to the sound of power chords and solos. 

With their shared experience and knowledge of instruments and music, local shredders Daniel Bezzina and Andrew Francica know a thing or two about what makes a good guitar, and all their experiences have come together to form the four walls that make Play Vintage so unique.

In addition to stocking the traditional and reliable guitar models, including Gibson, Fender, Guild and Gretsch, Play Vintage specialises in collecting some real classics dating all the way to the early twentieth century to the swinging 60s and more.

And being guitar geeks themselves, the two musicians are always looking to fill up the shop’s four walls with new and exciting models, each with a story to tell.

Yet, despite Play Vintage bolstering a diverse and impressive collection of fine axes, you’re sure to find one that is perfectly suited to you and your musical tastes, whether it be a beginner plucking their first string or a veteran vetting for the very best. 

With the two musicians drawing on their countless years of touring, recording and performing to put together a treasure trove of musical instruments, you’ll receive a personalised service that ensures you make the perfect pick for you.

All it takes is one step into paradise city to figure out which six-string beauty is calling out for you and you’re in love.

But this is rock n’ roll we’re talking about, and at the end of the day we want to shred – is it time to turn it up to 11?

An electric guitar isn’t complete without an amplifier, but the guys over at Play Vintage, who have been part of some of Malta’s biggest bands, don’t need us to remind them.

Play Vintage also offers a wide selection of guitar accessories, pedals and amplifiers that pair your guitar like a perfect cheese to wine. 

Are you a guitar geek? Then you’ve probably heard (and salivated over) these brands before…

Ernie Ball, D’Addario, MXR, NUX, JHS, Electro Harmonix, Fulltone, Jim Dunlop, Marshall, Vox and Orange…

If you’re not already packing your picks and heading over to Play Vintage, then you might need some re-tuning…

With the local music scene making a triumphant return, it’s time to treat yourself to a new axe. Play Vintage offers a bespoke experience where the client is the rockstar, where sitting down and having a coffee is as important as picking a guitar off the wall, and where the experience never ends.

Daniel and Andrew offer setup and servicing like true guitar tech roadies which essentially means you are in the best hands possible from the moment you walk into the guitar haven to the final time you lay down your trusty axe to rest.

Photography by Dominic Catania

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