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POLL: How Superstitious Are You Compared To Other People In Malta?

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Superstition is still very much alive and kicking in many countries around the world, and Malta is definitely no exception. But even in 2018, do you still consider yourself as a superstitious person when compared to the rest of the island?

Do you panic when you see a black cat crossing the road in front of you? Do you avoid ladders? Are you actually a fan of the number 13? Well, we’re here to see where Malta stands when it comes to some of the most popular superstitions around, and whether we’re slowly moving away from some notorious fears.

On an island like Malta, superstitions still abound, even making it to particular events like village feasts and lotteries. Ahead of this week’s ludicrous SUPERSTAR jackpot, here are six of the most popular superstitions. How do you compare with the rest of Malta?

Whether or not you’re superstitious, we could all do with some good luck for a lottery… especially with €780,000 on the line!

Maltco’s new lottery SUPERSTAR has brought a whole new breed of jackpot to the island, and it’s the perfect way to kickstart that dream.

With odds that are specifically tailored for the Maltese population and seven different winning categories, SUPERSTAR really is the lottery it promises to be. Multiple jackpots can be won every single week, and playing is easy AF.

And with a jackpot like that, superstition quickly becomes a thing of the past.

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So how do you actually play?

It couldn’t be any simpler.

All you need to do is choose at least five numbers from 1 to 35, and at least one SUPERSTAR number from 1 to 7.

Apart from really being that easy, the new game is also available from around 240 Maltco outlets around Malta and Gozo.

If you really want to increase your odds and make sure you have people to enjoy that jackpot with, you can even play SUPERSTAR with groups, like colleagues (to kick off your weekend in style) or your closest friends (to really take that BFF project to a whole new level!).

For an extra tip, play all the seven stars to drastically increase your chance of winning the top category jackpot.

Held in the presence of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), a public notary and members of the public, in the dedicated ISO certified Live Draw Studio, the lottery is also as secure and reliable as they get. It uses draw machines of the latest technology and conforming to the highest quality and security standards of the international lottery industry.

Check out the official website to keep up to date with lottery draws and join the excitement!

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