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What The Popp?! Check Out Malta’s Very Own Online Speciality Drinks Store

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Picture this. You’re spending a nice afternoon at the beach when reach into a cooler to grab an ice-cold beer. You’re ready to enjoy a
rush of malty goodness, only to have a poor imitation reach our lips.

A modern-day tragedy, but thankfully one Maltese online store has the world’s best beers, wines, and spirits right at your fingertips.


Well, lucky for you, all your beer-related woes are soon to be a problem of the past, ‘cause this online Maltese store is chock-full of the best wines, spirits, and craft beers that the world has to offer.

Boasting a selection of over 150 craft beers and a whole lot of speciality drinks, POPP is your new one-stop beverage shop.

But the guys behind POPP don’t stock just any plain old craft beers – rather, they’re importing from some of the best-known beer brands out there. From Brewdog and Brussels Beer Project to Magic Rock and Omnipollo, you can find it all at POPP.

Looking for something a bit closer to home?

You can also get your hands on some locally-made beverages thanks to the wide variety of Lord Chambray and Stretta beers they’ve got in stock. Homemade, boozy, and delicious.

Spoilt for choice? Get a taste of it all with POPP’s very own beer packs.

With 20 unique packs made up of a whole variety of beer combinations, POPP vows to get you ready and boozed up for whatever occasion you might have coming up.

The carefully curated beer packs on offer will tickle your tastebuds with flavours that perfectly complement a variety of situations; from barbecues by the pool to afternoons at the beach.

If you or any of your friends have any specific dietary requirements, POPP’s got a pack for you too. Their gluten free and vegan packs are basically brimming with mouthwatering beers, sodas, and snacks.

Too hot to get out of the house? We totally get you.


Thanks to POPP’s very own delivery service, you can get your drinks of choice delivered straight to your door. This brand also offers free deliveries on orders over €25 and same day deliveries for purchases before 2pm on weekdays and noon on Saturdays.

That’s two more reasons why you should get your hands on some beverages right now.

If you’re not really a big beer fan, this online store’s got a whole selection of unique wines and spirits that will surely tickle anyone’s fancy.

With over 90 red, white and rose wines and loads of wonderfully whacky spirits at a variety of different price points, POPP will get you geared up for that aperitif night you’ve been postponing for months on end.

The POPP team also offers a wide range of wild snacks that will undoubtedly amp up your next summer barbecue.

Get your hands on the brand’s very own double fried pork crackling and rest assured you’ll be crawling back for more.


Remember how we said that POPP’s got something for practically any occasion?

If you’ve got a loved one’s birthday coming up, make their special day even more special by slipping a POPP gift voucher into their card.

Thirsty for more? Check out POPP’s website to get your hands on some beverages or follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated.

What are you waiting for? Get POPPing!

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