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Calling All Product Managers In Malta: This Betting/Casino Company Is Looking For You

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A job is very often more than just something we do to be able to pay the bills. It becomes our second home and an instrumental player in the skills we pick up and use throughout our lives. So you can see why it’s so vital to choose the right position – and place – when you’re on the job hunt.

Speaking about skills, there’s a whole list of them that you’ll be able to benefit from – both in the workplace and in life – if you are a product manager. An occupation that has started being namedr0pped a lot in conversations, a product manager will improve everything from time management to communication.

But what exactly does a project manager do?

Well, essentially, you’re in charge of the entire lifespan and running of a certain product.

Your job will include overseeing the product’s success and managing the team involved with the product. From strategy to tactics, marketing to competitors, and everything in between, the success of the product is in your hands.

Which yes, sounds scary.

But it’s also super rewarding, especially when the product does well. It’s basically like raising a baby without the actual human baby.

As a product manager you’ll pick up a long list of vital skills

Obviously, leadership and organisation are two main ones. From organising timelines and making sure things get done to dealing with a team of employees, your organisation skills will truly be put to the test. And when organisation becomes the order of the day in the office, it usually transfers to your everyday life too.

Attention to detail is another big one. You’ll have to over-see every aspect of production, so any mistakes and discrepancies will also become your responsibility.

And then there’s communication, which most of us would admit is a skill that we could probably improve.

As a product manager you’ll communicate not only with your team, but also with external clients and individuals contributing to the final result. And product management will help you hone in on your SEO and analytics skills, as well as several other digital tools, particularly if your job is based online.

Web International Services are looking to hire product managers to work with their casino and betting clients

WIS is a lead generation company working within the iGaming and finance sectors, and they want people to work with them to oversee a handful of their products.

If you think you have what it takes to be the perfect fit for this role, you can check out all their vacancies here

Their new offices in Sliema are fully refurbished, complete with a full selection of free working equipment.

Employees are also given super-flexible working hours and get to work from home too.

Free lunch, drinks and snacks are served daily at the WIS offices

And all employees are given a health bonus, as well as a training bonus of €1,500 that they can use to invest in their studies and training to improve their area of expertise and keep up to date with the latest trends.

So if you’re a product manager, or are interested in becoming one, check out Web International Services’ job openings and get applying.


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