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Where Would You Fit In? 6 Types Of Property Buyers And Their Ideal Maltese Localities

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The time has come: you’re about to take the plunge and find the right vendor to help you purchase a property.

It may be your first property, it may be your fourth – but depending on your preferences, the town or village you choose could make or break the entire decision.

And even more importantly, working with the perfect vendor can be the difference between your dream experience and a nightmare.

Whether you are into peaceful surroundings, have a constant urge to shop or desperately need to be placed near a church so its bells can reveal the current time to you every 15 minutes, who you are will determine where you probably should live. So we partnered up with the experts over at NinetySix Real Estate to find out more about certain Maltese localities, and who would fit into them.

Here are six personality types and the perfect localities for them.

1. The Cosmopolitan

We recommend: Sliema, St Julian’s and Valletta

Malta may be a chill island (for the most part) but when it gets going, it’s got the hustle and bustle to match any busy city.

If you’re the type of person who needs to get the latest clothing, loves being surrounded by business and is always raring to go, then these localities are right up your street.



2. The Country Type

We recommend: Gozo, Mqabba and Dingli

As hectic as Malta’s roads can be, some areas taken up by construction, there are some spectacular towns and regions that are as green as can be.

Walking through these towns, you get a sense of what Malta may have been like 100 or 200 years ago… practically frozen in time, you can even hear the locals speaking in a special dialect that you’ll only find there.

Best of all, the team over at NinetySix Real Estate will be able to guide you to some of the best hidden secrets on the island.



3. The Sporty Spice

We recommend: Marsascala and Mellieħa

If sports is your priority, then you’ll need access to boulevards and beaches. Being an island, swimming is easily accessible from some key points, making keeping in shape easier than you’d imagine.

But if running is more your style, don’t fret – these localities have some beautiful running areas overlooking scenic routes that will get the blood pumping in the morning.



4. The Heritage Lover

We recommend: Lija, Birgu and Naxxar

One of Malta’s greatest assets has to be the island’ traditional festas – and if you haven’t yet experienced one, boy are you missing out.

Colours, music and marches abound as the entire town comes out to celebrate a patron saint in one of the most Mediterranean scenes you could ever imagine. And funnily enough, some of the most important festas can happen in the quaintest, cutest and quietest towns around.



5. The Suburban Goddess

We recommend: Madliena, Swieqi and Attard

A little bit of privacy and space can do a soul good. You’re the type of person who needs a bit of quiet time, preferably in your villa with a cocktail by the pool once the kids are out.

If these three towns aren’t bougie enough for you, there’s always Tal-Ibraġġ… if you’ve got the budget, of course.



6. The Foodie

We recommend: Mosta and Rabat

Centrally located, these two large towns are renowned for the mix of cultures you can find in their streets, which means one thing – a whole lot of incredible, international food.

And in the off-chance you don’t find your favourite Nepalese combo for take-out, don’t even worry – practically every restaurant in Malta delivers to those two towns as well, so you’re always sorted for delicious goodies.



The thing is, navigating through the different dynamics and circumstances you’ll find in different regions of Malta can be a real headache, and you definitely want some expert help before you make any major decisions.

Luckily, Malta’s got NinetySix Real Estate who are ready to offer their support to find the perfect home for anyone and everyone. 

The company is a new real estate service with roots tracing all the way back to the nineties, so you know they’ve got the experience you need. With specialised business assistance, dedicated property management and a cutting edge software system, NinetySix take pride in going that extra mile – no matter your budget.


Whether you’ve got €200,000 to spend or €20,000,000, rest assured that you’re in experienced and professional hands with NinetySix.

And it’s not only sales that they can help you with, but also letting. Maybe a place caught your eye and it’s been on your mind… or you’ve got a property that you want to start renting out.

Or maybe you’ve even been thinking about going big and opening a business.

Hit up NinetySix and find out what your best options are. From their specialised business setup assistance to dedicated property management, it’s your one stop shop for all things real estate in Malta.

So what are you waiting for? All you need to do is bring your personality – leave the rest to the experts.

Which personality and locality do you think suits you best? Let us know in the comments below

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Johnathan is interested in the weird, wonderful, and sometimes dark realities late capitalist society forces upon us all. He also likes food and music. Follow him at @supreofficialmt on Instagram, and send him news, food and music stories at [email protected]

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